Meet the gang!

IMG_0816Hey! We are The Wilsons! Just a regular family of four from sunny Somerset in the UK! We decided in December 2014 that we should go on a bit of an adventure with the children and see what happens. You’ll see that nothing ever really goes as smoothly as it should with us!


We packed up our lives and waved goodbye to our loved ones, wiping tears, snot and more tears. We moved to Sydney in April 2015!

This blog was originally our way of keeping in touch with everyone at home. A great way to share our news and adventures, and give a little insight into what it’s really like to move 11,000 miles away from everything you know and love! The blog has grown a lot since then, and we have moved further south to Melbourne. Why have we moved again? Well why not?


We haven’t been living off the land, we haven’t been eating witchety grubs, we aren’t really giving up anything out of the ordinary! This isn’t about a huge “wow! they lived on $1 a day,” or “amazing how they grew all their own veg and made their own chewing gum too!” This is a blog about a mum, a dad, a sweet girl and a naughty boy, travelling to Australia and having a bit of a look around!

Come on, have a read, share it, share it again, and maybe, just maybe it will inspire you to give the “living abroad” thing a go!!  Shouldn’t life be our favourite adventure?


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