Meet the gang!

Hey! We are The Wilsons! Just a regular family of four from sunny Somerset in the UK, who decided in December 2014 that we should go on a bit of an adventure down under with the children.

We packed up our lives, waved goodbye to our loved ones,  and moved to Sydney in April 2015! Since then, we’ve moved to Melbourne, all got a little ‘bigger’ and my blog got a lot more popular too!

The Wilsons of Oz was originally our way of keeping in touch with everyone at home. A great way to share our news and adventures, and give a little insight into what it’s really like to move 11,000 miles away from everything you know and love! Now it’s a one stop shop for great articles about life far from home, product reviews and travel stories!

I hope you enjoy our site, our reviews and our adventures, and I hope you are encouraged to be a little more adventurous!

After all, shouldn’t life be our favourite adventure?

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