Farewells, luggage trolleys and a vomiting child!

We’ve made it to Heathrow! 6am this morning I thought we might not get here! The car was rammed, everyone was sad to be going, and Monty was vomiting! In typical Wilson fashion, we drove to the airport with far too much stuff and extra carrier bags incase Monty threw up again! Joy! 

Hey, we’re here, we’ve checked in, and we have found the childrens play area! Thank The Lord it has a coffee machine!! Only a few hours to kill before we board, and we’re off on the adventure of a lifetime! 

I know it’s going to be awesome, I know it’s the chance of a lifetime, but I just cant get rid of this lump in my throat and the incredible urge to bawl my eyes out! 

Here goes nothing!! Come on, it’s only the other side of the world!! Who’s coming to see us?? X

5 thoughts on “Farewells, luggage trolleys and a vomiting child!

  1. wishing u all best of luck sure leaving is sad but u have a new adventure ahead with your beautifu family x stay strong xx


  2. Cry away buddy, be good to let it all out. It must be incredibly hard but you have your family with you and I know you’ll do just fine. It is an amazing opportunity and one you’ll be so glad you did. I’ll Look forward to seeing all your updates of your new adventure and we can face time loads too. Give me a chance to save some pennies and me, Tom and George will be there in a heartbeat. Love you all loads and good luck xxxxx


  3. have a fantastic life in Oz beautiful place to be and some great people out there including yourselves. You will be missed by loads of people but the internet is not the same but it does bring all closer and all the better when you meet them all in person safe journey to all the Wilson Family it is not goodbye but will speak soon on Facebook and your blog love from Chris & Alan xxxx


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