There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy!!!

Hey! What a busy week we have had! In fact, it may have been over a week since I last updated!  Today we have hit the “2 months in Australia” mark! I can’t believe it’s only been two months! Not that it’s dragged, just that we seem to have achieved so much in such a short space of time!!!

We are getting to know people, finding our way around without relying on the sat Nav, and Poppy has a slight glimmer of an Australian twang to her accent!  


Poppy has amazed and astounded us! She has gone from an anxious teary child, to one that is full of confidence and willing to try so many new things! Poppy is completely embracing this adventure! She had cross country at school last week! My tummy was churning, remembering freezing drizzly mornings with Mrs Trunchball (or whatever her name was) bellowing at us to “get moving or I’ll hang you from the ceiling by your toenails!!” Cross country was always a disaster for me! Poppy however was happy as long as she didn’t come last! Well…. Drumroll please (gushy mother moment) Poppy came 3rd!!  


Her teacher is so happy with how she is settling in and what a great class member she is, she even got an award at the end of term assembly!  

 She looks thrilled doesn’t she!? Ok, so I’ll stop now! Just super proud of my girl! Must be in the genes right!? 

The house is sorted, Tim put the final blind up last night! That means we can use the downstairs loo without the neighbours seeing us! Phew! It’s actually really cosy in the house and the children are sleeping really well! Always a good thing!! 

Today is the first day of the school holidays and we got a lie in until 8am! Brilliant! The weather looks good so we are going to spend lots of the hols on the beach or in the park! Mind you, there are so many things going on all over Sydney I’m pretty sure we’ll be exploring and rushing about to fit them all in! 

  The children insisted on going in the pool last week! Monty went blue and it was nearly a trip to hospital! I think we may wait until spring to try that one again? It’s just too tempting when its outside the door! Tim and I took a glass of wine and sat watching them freeze! So looking forward to doing this in the summer! Crate of beers, giggly children and severe sunburn! Amazing! 


We went into the city this weekend! It was so lovely! Having lived in the city for a month it really felt nice to go back in! We went to Darling harbour to the “Cool Yule” festival! They celebrate winter with an ice rink, snow dome etc! It was a great excuse to go and play, tire Monty out and grab a beer while he slept!  


We are so lucky to have the best of both worlds where we are living! We have beautiful beaches on our doorstep and it takes no time at all to get into the city!  It means you can enjoy both worlds really easily! 

Waiting for a train to come, when you have a Skype date looming is no fun!! 


Yesterday Tim and Poppy cycled to the beach and Monty and I met them there! It took them quite a while so Monty and I had time to have some fun without them! Cronulla is the perfect place to go for a run while your crazy child zooms along with you on his scooter shouting “get out the wayyyyy”! It was beautiful weather, the sea was full of surfers and swimmers, and we had such a nice morning!  


I can’t wait for family and friends to visit us so we can share this with them!   Get your tickets booked folks, or go one step further and get yourselves a visa to work here! You don’t know what you’re missing!!! 


One thought on “There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy!!!

  1. Congratulations on your 2 month anniversary, glad you have got the house sorted and now seems more like home. And wow winter and in the pool you have got hardy children perhaps the parents should show some of that gusto, yes the only city we are close to is Bath and coastline west bay as you know, but know wouldn’t even venture in the sea or pool, you say it is the school holidays now do they have the same sort of 6 weeks holiday or is this half term for them seems Poppy has only just started and then holidays very well done on coming 3rd that is a great achievement and award at end of school she has become a great scholar. Is she going to show mum & dad up we ask Monty looks as if no cares in the world, and soon I can see your Mum Dad Brother & Sister In Law coming out for their Aussie break so everything looks as if coming up good. I bet your besties will soon be out to see you and how you have settled in don’t forget to get some shrimps for the Barbies and some snags for the buns enjoy looks great and congratulations on your transatlantic move xxxxxx love Chris & Alan xxxxx

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