While you were sleeping…

We tried the buses!! Not sure we’ll be up to trying them anytime soon!! The number 303 turned up 20 minutes late with no room for our buggy, so we had to wake a sleeping Monty! That is like waking a sleeping bull! All hell broke loose on the 303! Tim was swearing and wrestling with the new buggy (we hadn’t practiced the uppy and downy bit), Monty was screeching and Poppy was asking in a very loud voice “why won’t ANYONE help and move their buggy a little bit?”.. Meanwhile the driver is stood over Tim watching him struggle, and making the 303 even later! So all my excitement of getting the bus to Taylor Square Organic market vanished! By the time the bus crawled in to the stop there were two stalls left open, one selling all the left over pumpkins and another selling chutneys (again, the leftover jars).

We looked at the trusty map and decided we could ditch the bus and walk!!

The map isn’t informative enough!!!!  We managed to get ourselves past all the sex shops without the children asking what a gimp outfit was!!! It was a little edgy as Monty was on the verge of questioning the very large lady in a red leather skirt and white platforms outside a strip club! 

Hey, no one can say the kids have lived a sheltered life! 


We ended our day with a walk past the Anzac memorial, and a play in the awesome park at Darling Harbour! The  sun shone for a good few hours, then the heavens opened! Thankfully “wreck it Ralph” (Monty) finally passed out at  3pm so our journey home was far less eventful than our morning disaster! 

A little tip for you guys, Hard Rock Cafe Sydney is a miss!!! 

4 thoughts on “While you were sleeping…

  1. This has to be your most entertaining blog yet 😂 dam buses, guess they are popular because they are free, dam it! Maybe try again mid week……without Tim? Um, maybe not?! Hilarious.
    The park looks awesome though 👍


  2. This is a fantastic blog, I must say I didn’t stop laughing when you passed the lady in the red skirt. The buses must have been a nightmare for you but that is only one, I must say you really are throwing yourselves into this which is great, do keep this blog going it is really great to keep up whith such intrepid explorers.


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