Stuart Goldsmith- Compared to What? (This is not a review, but a ‘Word Trophy’)


I was so excited to get to the Greek Centre last night to see Stuart Goldsmith’s brand-new show ‘Compared To What‘!  I have noticed that the British comedians at the festival have all been advertised with a great big (UK) after their names, I’m convinced it’s to assure people that they’re in for a real treat! I was champing at the bit to get some good old British humour after so long in Oz. Stuart didn’t disappoint.

Goldsmith’s show is full of great gags, mostly observational, a lot of it centering on his newly embarked parenthood journey. I love his description of having a child being much like the chicken, corn, fox riddle. So refreshing to know its not just us then!

There were some terrific one-liners, and the way he held the audience throughout the show was awesome. The laughter barely stopped. The way Stuart tells a story is so relatable, insanely funny, and I’m damn sure that once his tour dates in Melbourne are over, he will have a huge following here in Australia too.

The host of the ‘Comedian’s Comedian Podcast’ is definitely one to look out for this festival. Grab your other half, tie the kids to the lamp post outside and head in for an evening of beer, laughs, and some great tips for booking your next Air BnB stay! Sidesplitting laughter guaranteed! Plus, he’s a bit of a looker too!! (Totally irrelevant but had to be said!)


Nominee 2015 Amused Moose Comedy Awards
Nominee Chortle Awards 2013 & 2014
Winner Best International Guest 2014 New Zealand Comedy Festival 

Tue 11 Apr – Sat 15 Apr: 8.15pm; Sun 16 Apr: 7.15pm;
Tue 18 Apr – Sat 22 Apr: 8.15pm;
Sun 23 Apr: 7.15pm

Greek Centre, Mykonos, Cnr Lonsdale & Russell Sts, Melbourne


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