Hobart – Bikes, MONA, and a whole heap of Pirates!

Helmets on and we were ready to embark on our epic bike ride!

It is about a 13km ride to MONA, a good chance to work off the tonne of food we had eaten in the market, and well worth the aching legs. The children loved it, we all did. The freedom of being able to hop on a bike is fab, the views, the wind in your hair, it was one of the most wonderful days we have had together. We were able to use a bike track all the way to the museum so it was perfectly safe, and we could stop whenever we needed to. I would definitely recommend hiring bikes, we will be doing again for certain! It’s a great way to see a city!


The Museum of Old and New Art stands proudly on the waterfront, surrounded by vines feeding the Moorilla Winery. We parked our bikes, gasping for a glass of wine, and made our way to the bar.  The kids spotted the enormous trampoline, with bells on.. (literally)… and bolted! “Maybe later” Tim reassured me with a rub on the shoulder.

When we told people we were heading to MONA with the kids, we had a few funny “really??” looks. Yup, it’s an art museum, and yeah our two are VERY temperamental! Uh huh you’re right, they have a whole wall dedicated to perfectly sculpted, life size “fanny’s” (actually entitled Cunts… and other conversations, but hey… the kids….), but there are also a gazillion (1900 to be exact) other collection pieces that they found just as fascinating as the lady bits. Monty particularly liked the fat car, although missed the point entirely. Poppy adored the bit.fall which was a waterfall that spells out words on the descent. She also missed the point, who cares? I didn’t go into it, as it would have resulted in an iPod/technology discussion that I was in no fit state to begin having not been allowed a glass of wine. She was just fascinated by the mechanics of the piece.

“Everyone loves bit.fall. Funnily enough, this annoys the artist, Julius Popp, who has something serious to express—about technology, human perception and the saturation of our brains with information we cannot properly process, or respond to with integrity—and he feels that if people love his work too much, they will miss the message. Irony, much?”


As with most activities kids take part in, they went in with completely open minds, and came out with heads full of interesting talking points. Like the one about the museums digestive system that actually poops on time every day, the models made out of video tape (they’d never even seen a video), and the giant head with all sorts of craziness and flashing lights inside! They were taken aback by room after room of incredible “things”. The fact that they had complete control over the device round their necks known as ‘The O’  made it all the more thrilling for them. They got to click on the + or the x to say whether or not they liked the art that was nearest them, they could listen to music and words. Poppy could be heard bellowing “click on the “ArtWank’ button guys” (a cock and balls icon) encouraging us to read all the arty details. What do you think Monty’s favourite word that day was!?? I’m so sorry MONA team, I’m pretty sure the “O” data would have been interesting to say the least after our visit!

The Wilson’s had a fantabulous time, we ambled through everything, we bought a magnet, covered the cafe in croissant crumbs (so sorry) and sipped on ginger beer like we were the Famous Five! It was bloody brilliant. Don’t be shy folks, take your kids to MONA, just don’t mention the C word…

Croissant!!!! You dreadful bunch!!

The way back!

Like with most journey’s the trip back seemed to go a lot faster than the one going. After the fun 13km bike ride back to Hobart, we sadly returned our bikes, and I gleefully skipped to the nearest wine bar! Yay for me! Pearl and Co was the perfect place to sit back, sip wine and soak up some Hobart waterfront views whilst gorging on hot chips.

We ended Day 1 with dinner at The Drunken Admiral Seafarers Restaurant. (Check the gallery).

Walking in we were surrounded by pirate and seafaring memorabilia, it was like a museum. You could barely move for ships wheels, fishing nets, old tin cans and skeletons. It’s a wonderful atmosphere. Luckily, this was definitely not another one of those “themed diners”. The menu was fantastic. When our meal was placed in front of us we were delighted. It was one of the best seafood platters we have had and the children’s fish was proper fish, not that reconstituted stuff!! My Creme Brûlée was insanely good! Great recommendation from the waiter!

I am so glad we booked ahead as the restaurant was full to bursting. It’s obviously got a great reputation, and the stories we were told about how haunted it is, only goes to make this place even more exciting. Well worth a visit, a great evening made even better by the wonderful staff!!

Ah time for bed, a cheeky bar of chocolate under the sheets after the kids have dropped off, and a whole heap of excitement about day two in Tassie….. Although I do feel a little sick after so much gobbling!! When will I learn?


Hobart Bike Hire– 1A Brooke Street, Hobart Waterfront, Hobart, TAS, 7000             Tel: 0447 556 189

                             MONA 655 Main Rd, Berriedale TAS 7011 – Tel: +61 3 6277 9900                                  Tickets: Adult: $25 Under 18: Free

Drunken Admiral Seafarers Restaurant17-19 Hunter Street, Old Wharf, Hobart Town, TAS 7000 Tel: (03) 62 341 903

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