Tasmania – The Arrival

Ah, the bliss you feel when you’re all packed and ready to head away to a place you haven’t yet explored. Tim rushed in from work, we threw our bag (yes, just the one) in the car and headed for the airport. I love this bit of any journey! Everyone’s excited, the kids are pumped, already bickering in the back of the car. Monty had a handful of crackers and was creating more crumbs than a fat kid in a bakery. Poppy’s bellowing, “they’re even in my hairrrrrr mum”… Yippeeeee!!!

Tasmania has been on our list for ages. Now we’re in Melbourne, it’s even easier to get to. We hopped onto our Jet Star flight, after much kerfuffle at security.  Poppy had packed all of her craft stuff into her back pack along with the sharpest scissors she could find. Safe to say, her little dripping eyes weren’t enough to save the choppers from the bin! Lesson #1 of the holiday!

We made it safely to Hobart! Shocker I know. The airport is beautifully small. We stepped off the plane and straight into the baggage collection. We were greeted by a happy looking seal going round and round on the luggage conveyor begging people to book a boat trip, in the faint hope that this meant he could get back in the water. (No, it wasn’t real!!) If only we had more time this weekend, we would have taken his advice. Next time.

We had planned ahead, (yay) organised a hire car and booked ourselves into the Quest Hotel in central Hobart! Unfortunately, there was a problem with the water at the hotel so we were sent to the serviced apartments just outside the town. Bit of a let down, but we managed to wangle some free parking in central Hobart so all good! The two bedroom apartment was nice and clean, but smelt a little like grandma’s house; someone had obviously smoked a lot of cigarettes there at one time. We unloaded the car, the kids tore all their stuff out of the bag, threw it around the room, and we settled in for the night.

Day 1

We woke to glorious sunshine and looked out to see the rooftops of central Hobart in the distance. It’s really beautiful; so after a good night’s sleep and with Day 1 upon us we headed out to explore!

We wanted to make the most of the fine weather so we hired bikes. We have never braved bikes on holiday, but I’m happy to report we were glad we did!

Ian at Hobart Bike Hire was brill. He had us organised within about 20 minutes despite the kids’ constant interrupting. We had bikes, helmets, maps and some great local tips, and we were on our way through the town heading for the Salamanca Market! Monty refuses to ride his bike at home (he’s a scooter fanatic), so he was on a tag a long on the back of Tim’s bike; Poppy and I had our own snazzy mountain bikes. It was only a thirty second bike ride and we were at our first stop. The children weren’t happy to be getting off so soon, but they spotted the crepe’s and a jar of Nutella bigger than them so they came good.

Salamanca Market

We had heard so much about the Salamanca Market; it was on everyone’s list of things we couldn’t miss!! No doubt about it, it’s one of Australia’s most loved outdoor markets and we can see why.  The market sits right on the Hobart waterfront, a location that’s hard to beat! There are over 300 stallholders all showcasing the best that Tasmania has to offer, and we were there, ready to dig in to as much as we could fit in our tummies.

I love a market! I loved being able to wind my way round, meeting the people who lovingly craft their wares! The kids just ran straight for the bloody Beanie Boos, and emptied their pockets!

Tim and I were blown away with all the delicious food. The food along with the artisan jewellery, Tasmanian handicrafts, clothing, vintage collectables, pottery, plants and flowers all make this market the wonderful place it is.  Salamanca has a beautiful atmosphere, where we could have easily whiled away a few hours on the grass, if we didn’t have two little Wally’s begging for more cash.

Where we spent our money

Jasper Coffee – An organic, fair trade coffee van with oodles of yummy treats to feast on. Who can resist a donut when it’s looking at you, almost crying out for you to pick it up and bite into the fluffy sugary outside whilst the oozy custard squelches out of the sides and drips down your chin….?

Miam French Crepes, made by a lovely, friendly French lady called Aude. The kids went for lashings of Nutella, fresh Tassie strawberries and cream. I picked up a loyalty card, as I was pretty sure we’d be able to rack up ten of those pretty sharpish. Aude uses local produce, and even does catering for events too. Oh I want a big crepe party!

Simone & Co is a relatively new venture by local Hobart artist Nadi Simone. She sells beautiful jewellery and homewares too. I spent my cash on a wonderful concrete bangle and a sweet pink, gold flecked dish for my earrings. (Tim sighed)


Silver Hill Fisch boutique seafood sausages were THE BOMB! We went for the salmon sausage which was nestled in a fresh salad, with owner Maja’s own homemade dressing, and snuggled into the most mouthwatering bread roll imaginable. “Shall we just get one to share?” says Tim with most of it in his mouth… Five minutes later we were back for a second because neither of us wanted to share. Put it this way, if I lived in Hobart I would look like a boutique seafood sausage! A taste sensation!

We had apples fresh from the tree, nuts coated in all sorts of delightful spices. We sipped tasters of gin and vodka, the kids ate lollies (*sigh) we drooled over fresh cakes, were wowed by the talent that the market had on show, and all the while the kids wanted to get back on the bikes.


We have finally seen The Salamanca Market for ourselves. The Tasmanian produce has to be eaten to be believed. Poppy genuinely thought the strawberries were defrosted, frozen ones as they were so sweet and delicious.

We could have easily spent all day mooching, spending money, people watching, eating, and slowly winding our way through the stalls, but time… no…. the chained up bikes were calling.

Onward’s to MONA!


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