‘Spare a thought’ #2 Expat life through a new mother’s eyes


This month I have been very lucky to be able to read some lovely stories from people wanting to take part in our “Spare a Thought’ series. It has been such a wonderful mix of happy, sad, funny, wise and inspirational stories, I have really enjoyed reading them all. I have chosen to feature this story written by Rachel, The Expat Mumsy for #2 in the series.

Rachel is about to make the move home to Brisbane, Australia, after 10 years living between Australia and the UK. Rachel tells us how she feels about taking her sweet nearly 2 year old daughter away from her precious first friends. I’m sure a lot of you will relate to her moving words.

Rachel and Thea from The Expat Mumsy


In 2 weeks we are moving. Not down the road, not to the next town or city. No, we are moving 10272 miles (or 16531 kms!) to my original home of Brisbane, Australia. Now, I have done the international move 3 times already so you think I would be an expert in saying my goodbyes, but this time around my husband and I will also be taking our almost 2-year-old little lady Thea.

Being a first-time parent I had no idea how early children could start to form friendships. Although in hindsight my bestie and I practically forced the friendship of our little loves (read future arranged marriage).  Thea and Harley BFF’s. Harley has known Thea since the day she was born, and there are only 5 months separating them. You know the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”; well I found it so hard being away from my mum and not knowing any other mums in my area, Harley’s mum Lauren became my village. My absolute village. But that is another story!

So back to Thea and Harley. These past 2 years they have seen each other at least once a week if not more. Played together, gone on holidays together, shared baths together, sometimes even face timed each other! Who knew such a bond would happen so early in life? In the past few months it has become so evident how clearly they recognise each other when they meet and how distraught they are when they part. I have a video of Harley on my phone that we have to watch every day to keep the tears at bay. So imagine my growing sadness and guilt knowing that in 2 weeks we will be leaving and Thea will have to say goodbye to Harley. Knowing that the only playdates they will have now will be over Skype…perfectly timed when it is morning in the UK and night time in Australia. Where are my tissues??

Expat Mumsy Photo
Harley & Thea really enjoying bath time!

On top of knowing that they will miss each other at first, what happens if they forget each other? And the friendship is just a distant memory because I’m being an embarrassing mum, showing Thea cute photos of them in the bath, and videos of them sharing a cheeky kiss.

When I really think about it, I think I am sad not because they won’t see each other in person for a while, but because I won’t get to see them together. To play and grow and learn and giggle and share cheeky kisses.

However, kids are resilient and adapt to change. I do know that moving is going to be great for her. Sunshine and beaches and a better quality of life for the 3 of us. She is going to start creating new friendships and I will still be able to watch her grow and play and giggle. And thank God for technology!! Because even from a far she will still be able to see her Harley.


Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know they’re always there – Old Saying

If you enjoyed this article and want to read more by The Expat Mumsy head over to her blog and click follow!! You will find all sorts of awesome posts about expat life and motherhood.

You can also follow Rachel and Thea’s adventures on Instagram too. So check it out!


If you think you would like to write about your experience of ‘Expat Life’ for our ‘Spare a Thought’ series, please get in touch. Are you about to turn down the opportunity to move away because of a loved one? Did you follow your loved ones abroad to be close to them?  Just one email to us, and you could be sharing your story with thousands of followers all over the world and helping others make that life changing decision.


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