Close your eyes and tap your heels together 3 times…. 

Oh my goodness, it’s been a month since I last opened this up and wrote anything! What a crazy month too!   It all started with the school holidays! We had one day, and then the house was in lockdown! I took Poppy to the Dr as she seemed under the weather, really chesty, high temperature etc! We don’t have a GP as such here, you just go to a “bulk billing” medical centre and get seen by someone! Could be the janitor, and sure as hell you get given anti biotics! 

This particular time we saw a lovely Indian doctor who told us  Poppy had caught pneumonia and was super poorly! He prescribed a McDonald’s and a glass of Milo! (A malted milk drink the Aussies go mad for!). So after an X-ray confirming the diagnosis we went home, tuned into Netflix and got comfy! Monty tried his hardest to irritate his sister while she slept on the sofa but got very little response! She was out of it for a good 6 days! 


By the time Poppy was up and about, Monty took a turn for the worse! Back to the medical centre we went, where the same lovely doctor prescribed anti biotics, a Vegemite sandwich and a glass of Milo! This is not a joke! I almost choked! My boy had bronchitis, I was exhausted and we rushed home for more Milo! (Monty is a marmite fan, and will not cross to the Vegemite side).

The whole two week holiday was taken up with wiping noses, passing cups of water (well within reach), administering medicine and crying! Mainly my tears I have to add! I needed my mum! Yup! I needed mum to take over for an hour. I was tired! It’s exhausting looking after poorly kids!  (Note to self: take mum on next adventure).

No sooner had the germs gone, the packing boxes came out! Oh good lord! The owner of our house decided that she needed to move back in, so we were on the move! It’s incredibly stressful trying to lease a house here! The agents advertise the properties, then open them for inspection for 15 minutes! So, we loaded the children into the car, I had armfuls of printouts, we had a strict schedule, and there was no time for a loo break! Actually, Monty has become a dab hand at peeing into a sandwich bag whilst still strapped into his car seat!   

 When you arrive at a property you need to be armed with an already filled out application (just in case you like it), because there may be 12 other people you need to jump ahead of! This particular day we saw 6 houses, 5 of which the cockroaches were welcome to! Honestly I wouldn’t have liked to have seen humans or animals in them! So we found one house and all our hopes were in there! We applied and waited 3 days!  Thank goodness  someone was looking down on us! We got the house!!  

This move was very different to the last! We didn’t have the two cockney packers, wrapping and boxing up, we had Poppy!! We hired a van, roped in some buddies and off we went! We have a great place now, and haven’t stopped partying and bbq’ing since we got in!  

Everything happens for a reason hey! 

This little trooper has found this particular move pretty hard going! You think your kids are well travelled, resilient little creatures, but sometimes it’s one move too far! Even with the lilo, the pool and the banana tree out front, I think secretly our darling girl would choose rainy UK, cafe Nero and a wander round tesco express at the moment! 

6 months in Australia this weekend!  Half a year has gone already! Maybe that’s why I said “far out” today instead of “Golly Gosh!”




One thought on “Close your eyes and tap your heels together 3 times…. 

  1. This is a better blog Olivia good to see that where you are settled now looks a lot better and that the children have got better too. They do say everything happens for a reason and that reason looks as if it has come true for you. You have more amenities is it still close for the schools and also Tim’s work. See your brother is coming out to see you soon also that will be great you will be completely immersed with all the family and friends coming to see you which will be excellent and well done to all of you !!!!

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