6 Awesome, Alternative family adventures you may not have considered!!

Have you grown tired of the same old beach holiday?

Rest assured, there are plenty of destinations worldwide that are unexpectedly perfect for a different kind of family adventure. Here are six suggestions that may spur you on to pack the cases and get away.


A tropical getaway in Bali


It may not seem like the kind of destination you’d consider for a family holiday, being renowned for the gap year students that flock in their masses to the island in the summer. But Bali has so much more to offer than tropical beaches and a warm climate – take the Treetop Adventure Park, for example, where you and the little ones can run loose and climb trees, ride zip lines and swing on ropes. As an insider tip, remember to wear comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes.

Of course, Kuta is the hotspot of the island and it’s where you’ll likely find the most activity. Everything from malls to bars and restaurants can be found here in Bali’s most popular beach town. If you’re wanting a mix of excitement as well as a laid back atmosphere, it’s the place to go. 

Exploring Thailand’s beaches


Again, Thailand is not the first destination on many families’ lists due to its immense popularity with young, solo travellers. But don’t be deceived – there are plenty of spots to be discovered within the Asian paradise that you’d be silly to miss out on. The beaches are some of the best in the world, and the kids will never forget the time they rode an elephant in one of the many Thai retreats available.

There’s so much to do beyond the surface in Thailand, too – take Ayutthaya, for example. Once the biggest town in the entire world, a Burmese invasion in the 18th century left it burnt to the ground. Now, the site is a collection of still-majestic ruins and buildings left for the kids to explore to their heart’s content.


A laid back escape to Ibiza


Ibiza isn’t just a destination for the rowdy party animals looking for a summer getaway. Stray away from the strip to discover a beautiful island with a strikingly calm atmosphere compared to what you may be expecting. Delectable restaurants line the sun-tinged shores, where turquoise waters lap at white sands.

It’s a perfect destination for those who want a quieter kind of beach holiday. Where places such as Spain and Portugal have become hugely popular with families, Ibiza largely remains a hidden treasure. Consider staying in a traditional farmhouse for an authentic and laid back stay on the blissful island – after all, this family called it “stylish but relaxed.”


Traversing the land of Patagonia


For a true sense of adventure, Patagonia is the hotspot. Massive mountain ranges and gorgeous wildlife aren’t the only reasons to come here, but they’re good enough – it’s here that you’ll find the Andes, the largest continental mountain range in the world. The challenge of climbing a mountain may just be one your kids embrace, and it would certainly make for a cool story when they’re home.

Three quarters of Patagonia lies in Argentina, so feel free to stray into the country and explore all it has to offer. Chile is on the other side, with Calama perhaps being the closest city to the mountains. Tourists rarely come here, meaning you’ll be free to explore an authentically Chilean destination that boasts the largest open-pit mine in the world.

A Disney-filled trip to Hong Kong


Although Hong Kong itself is a gorgeous and exciting region, laying at the very southeastern tip of China, there’s going to be one thing that stands out to the kids – Disneyland. The resort is hugely popular with visitors all over the world, offering some of the most well-known attractions such as It’s A Small World.

Head away from the park after a magical day to explore the vibrancy of the inner city. Find some of the best street food in between the marvellous skyscrapers that tower into the clouds, and if you want that Instagram-worthy shot of your trip, you’ll get it at Victoria Peak. It rises nearly 2,000 feet above sea level, giving you a panoramic view as far as the mountains of Kowloon.


Seeing the bright lights of Las Vegas


You may be understandably baffled when someone suggests Las Vegas for a family holiday. The gambling capital of the world may seem like the complete antithesis of an ideal getaway with the kids, but look beyond the casinos and big spending and you’ll find unique attractions and sights that deliver endless fun.

A simple walk down the dazzling four-mile long strip is enough for some, but it’s when you explore the many hotels that you discover Las Vegas’ true potential. Consider the Venetian, where you’ll be able to sail through an artificial Venice in a gondola – check out some great photos of what to expect. And make sure you catch the Bellagio’s water show that takes place every evening. It’s a breathtaking spectacle that has become the unofficial main event in the city.



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