Lions and tigers and bears oh my!! 

Today has been a real treat! We met up with some friends of friends, and had adults to talk to!!! Ok, this sounds nuts, but we have been on our own with no friends for waaaaaaay too long! Family time is lovely and all that, but the time has come when I just want to sit with a friend, have a coffee and talk about something other than whose turn it is to wipe Montys bottom (not that I ever get out of it!) or what a tragedy it is that Zane left One Direction (Poppy not Tim) ! Today was the day! We had about two hours in the Lego exhibition at The museum of Sydney, followed by a good hour of adult conversation while the four children played together! (

 I think the children were just as relieved to have children to play with rather than us! I’m usually “too slow” or I always have to be “it”, which is so dull when the children never let me catch them! 

We ended our day at circular quay, where we treated the children to fish and chips! The sun was setting and the view across the water of the Opera House was beautiful! Gosh we are so, so lucky to be here! 

I did however spend a good ten minutes shooing away the seagulls with Poppy’s raincoat, while the “locals” watched on!! One lady even warned us how mean the birds were and that we really needed to be careful! Oh god I hate birds at the best of times! Pecky little things!! 

Then suddenly Monty announced that he needed a wee, “NOWWWWW”! Ha, Tim drew the short straw! A mad dash to the public loos! So Poppy and I were left alone with two portions of yummy stodge and ketchup! Aaaaah peace and tranquility. 

 Until Poppy screeched “muuuuummmmmmy” and I turned round to find myself face to face with 50 seagulls and a bloody great big Ibis! These birds are vile! I think I pictured one in a previous post, but just in case…

They are grubby, and beaky, and witchy looking! It was looking at me, coming towards me, staring at me, as if to say “hand over the fish and chips or I’m gonna stab you in the face with my huge poisonous beak”! So I did what any sane foreigner would do, I grabbed the chips and Poppy (chips first) and ran! I honestly ran with all my might to the furthest bench! As we plonked down, there was no Ibis to be seen! Phew….. 

 There was however, a 300 year old Romanian accordion player sat next to us who had just started tuning up and a crowd was gathering around our bench! (How had I not noticed him?) I am sure people thought we were related to him and we were going to whip out our instruments! They soon realised we weren’t about to start jointing in with Romanian folk music, when the seagulls started dive bombing us in their hundreds and we had to make another quick exit! This time past Tim and Monty who were wondering where on earth we had gone, and to the safety of the train, and home to Green Square, where we know the local birdies aren’t viscous and there are definitely no accordion players! 


One thought on “Lions and tigers and bears oh my!! 

  1. Excellent once again Oliva, these blogs get better every time must say it looks absolutely beautiful there you are all so lucky and good that you met up with more friends great to hear from you and see that all is going well !!!

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