It always seems impossible until it’s done! 

Day 3- The last leg

We left Lakes Entrance bright and early on our last leg of the journey! We headed into Metung for breakfast. It’s a very small, harbour town, which was bathed in sunlight this morning. There are plenty of little Cafes to choose from, but Monty ran to the nearest seat and sat down to peruse the menu! Thankfully he chose well! Bancroft Bites Serves perfect coffee and even more perfect food!  I love breakfast; even more so when it’s out and I don’t have to make it myself!  I had a delicious bowl of homemade granola with yoghurt and berries. The rest of the gang had oodles of bacon and sourdough toast. Once our tummies were full, we headed to the harbour to take some nice photos! As always this resulted in a beautiful family photo; the lake glistening in the background as if it was covered in diamonds, and Monty’s grumpy face because he didnt want to sit still for a photo. Ah well! Here’s a nice shot of their backs instead! 

We soaked up the sights; we spent more time here than Mr W had wanted to, so he was keen to hit the road…. at break neck speed! Tim had planned the route and we needed to cover a huge distance before we stopped again! Fingers crossed no one needs a toilet break as I think Daddy might lose it! 

We drove the 300km or so to Wilsons Promotory with one stop en route. It would have been a longer stop if we hadn’t landed in some kind of 1950’s zombie town. We let the children play in the park whilst we stuck to them like glue. The children found this very strange as I’m normally far enough away to be unable to push the swings, but within shouting distance if there’s an emergency. There was absolutely no way Tim and I could get out of swing duty, as the zombies were prowling the park fence. Ok ok maybe that’s a bit harsh! This small town was ‘eye opening’ to say the least. (I won’t name and shame).

We scrambled back to the car, which groaned as we hopped back in! There was barely enough room for the children to squeeze in by this point in the journey, but thankfully Tim managed to bend their little bodies around the scooters and melted advent calendars. And we’re off….

Wilsons Promontory National Park is well worth the seemingly endless roads to get there. I guess if it had just been Tim and I, it would have been a dreamy ride through incredible scenery, we could have listened to Michael Buble, I could have held his hand, the window open, my hair blowing in the wind…… However we drove the national park roads with Nursery Rhymes blaring, Monty insisting he was going to “puke if dad goes round another bend”, and Poppy literally crying with boredom.

Hurrah, we made it to the most Southerly point of the Australian mainland! Honestly, we felt like intrepid explorers! I gave Tim the biggest squeeze, “we’re here! How awesome are weeeeeee?” That heroic excitement lasted until we parked up and saw the smallest children with the hugest backpacks, carrying their own tents, all grubby from their 100km hike through the bush! Their parents looking all earthy and relaxed, incredibly proud of their little champs. I did what I am really good at, I thought on my feet!!  I threw my two into the nearest hedge, kicked some dirt onto them and ruffled up their hair a little. That’s better, now they look like they’ve hiked and not been hand fed chocolate biscuits and watched endless DVDs  all the way here. 

The campsites were full to bursting with families, groups of youngsters, hikers, surfers, all kinds of people…. And when we got to the beach we understood why people stay here! Even I could manage a night in a tent for the beaches. (Well, maybe a campervan). It was spectacular, it really was. We decided to walk down to Norman Beach (in honour of my grandad Norman). Tim unloaded the melted advent calendars, the gin, the box the Removalists left behind, the scooters, the crate of peaches we had bought along the way, and the first aid kit, to get to the bag I had packed the swimmers in. It was 34 degrees and my darling husband was getting a little cranky. Yay, we hit the beach. 

The ocean felt chilly to me, but the children were splashing around like little fish. I guess it was nice for them to be free after so long with scooters stuck in their necks. We had a beautiful time playing football, handball, kickaball, any ball game that Monty can create, invent the rules and win. 

By the time we got back to the car the children looked like sand monsters, I was dripping in sweat and the driver looked exhausted. Luckily we only had 222km until we arrived in Melbourne. 

As we drove into Melbourne the rain began lashing down, the wind picked up, and it honestly felt like we were arriving in Lincolnshire, UK. Our last minute booking of a motel was a massive disaster. The huge screen in the reception was showing the same photos as which were obviously not of the same hotel we were standing in. The beautifully manicured gardens were overgrown and full of rubbish, I think there may have even been an upturned trolley. The pool was green, the room was like a prison cell , which Poppy insisted “stank of vomit”. I felt tears creeping into my eyes. It’s raining, no, it’s pouring, we’re exhausted, and we have booked, what can only be described as a shit hole for three nights! Tim politely told the manager it was vile and there was “no way I could possibly have my family stay here”. The manager looked at me and the kids and handed Tim his money back. Thank god we had thrown them into the bush earlier as they looked like they might have freakish tendencies, which may have been the reason he was so keen to refund us. Thankfully we found a nice hotel and our road trip was well and truly over! What a wonderful trip it was, over 1000km of laughs, tears, wildlife spotting, junk food eating adventure, and 100 percent family time.

So we’re now two weeks into our Melbourne adventure. Thankfully the rain has stopped, the sun has been out and we are all loving it. The children have made friends, and spend hours outside playing. We have landed an awesome house in a beautiful street and we feel incredibly lucky to be here. Thank goodness, as I’m not sure the children will let us move again any time soon. 

No matter how sad we were to leave our friends and our lives in Sydney, no matter how hard we all found it, I know deep in my heart we have done the right thing! How could we turn down another wonderful adventure? 

Here’s to Melbourne and a few years of awesome sport on our doorstep! 

‘Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Dr Seuss

2 thoughts on “It always seems impossible until it’s done! 

  1. Excellent once again off on another adventure in life skills, for all the family congratulations on what you are achieving. Keep up the good work and for the children in their new school, Poppy with her netball and now kippers and Monty with joining the new school you will have so much time on your hands so keep the blogs coming and start writing your book 📚 about all the adventures looking forward to the next instalment.


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