Luna Park – A whole heap of fun and only 1 little tantrum!

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18 Rides and attractions, 104 years of fun, and 800,000+ jolly happy customers every year!

When the words Luna Park are uttered, even for an expat family who are fairly new to Oz, you’re guaranteed to have all sorts of wonderful things spring to mind. If it’s not Mr Moon tempting you inside his gaping mouth, it’ll be the fairy floss as big as your head, or the world famous scenic railway (which just happens to be the world’s oldest continually operating rollercoaster).

Since 1912 when Mr Moon opened his mouth to the awaiting throng, many thousands more have flocked to enjoy the carnival fun, and yesterday, the Wilson’s got in on the action! We were dressed for all weathers (because this is Melbourne) and ready for anything that this magical place had in store for us.

The clouds were threatening to leak, so we were warned at the entrance that a few rides may be closing. We were advised to hit them as a priority! Super tip! The Silly Serpent was our first stop! The children were like dingbats! Screeching with excitement, bellowing “this is AWEEEEEESOME”, and running hell for leather toward a pretty daunted looking ride operator! And it’s not as if they don’t get out much!!!

The kids love rides. The scarier, more nail biting, and vomit inducing the better! They love to be upside down more than they like to be upright, their handstands in the kitchen are ruining me! I am a bit of a fairy when it comes to rides, I powered through though! I managed a fair few rides without too much disruption to my stomach! Go me!! The embarrassment eventually came when I had to ask to be let off the Spider ASAP as I was green from so much whirling, turning, and gyrating! (Hey!! I’m a delicate flower!!!) This of course had the kids in stitches, and the crowds watching in desperate anticipation for this mamma to chunder into the bin, but I held it together, and slowly headed for Binky the Train in the vain hope of a little less spinning! Suffice to say Binky was my favourite ride of the day, the children insisted on another 8 goes on the Spider, whilst I looked on, sipping water slowly!

Luna Park combines a generous mix of heritage listed attractions and brand new thrill rides to satisfy everyone looking for a day of fun. We loved the Sky Rider with it’s superb views across the whole park and Port Philip Bay, and the Ghost Train, although I’m not sure any of us kept our eyes open for that one!

The kids just love spending money, so the Carnival Games were a huge hit with them. Oh the joy of having a fist full of coins, and the hysteria when your whole $20 has won you a plastic motorbike, a stuffed doggy and 3 mentos!!! If only Santa could get away with such generosity!!

Sadly for us, the famous Scenic Rollercoaster is closed at the moment for annual maintenance. This is the iconic ride at Luna Park. It’s a wooden coaster that takes it’s passengers, at high speed, around the outside of the entire Park. (Yes I said wooden!!… I know!!….) It boasts the title of being the oldest continually operating wooden roller coaster in the world and the only one of its kind with a standing brakeman in control aboard its moving carriages!! It’s description doesn’t fill this nervous ninny with much enthusiasm, however I’m definitely going to have a go when it re-opens later in the year. As if we needed another excuse to head to Luna Park!!!

The Wilson’s had the most terrific day! We managed almost every ride, we ate squidgy hot jammy donuts, played endless carnival games, laughed at ourselves in the mirror maze, raced each other on the dodgems, and survived getting a little bit wet too.. All that, only one tantrum and mummy wasn’t sick on any of the rides! All in all a fabulous Saturday with the family! Go for the fun, go for the history, in fact, just go and be part of something so steeped in Aussie family tradition!!

Dude of the day: Ben made such an effort to interact with the kids, was super friendly and we caught him helping lots of other people out too!! Yay for Ben!



Where: 18 Lower Esplanade. St Kilda VIC 3182

Tel: 03 9525 5033


Winter Term Time Opening Hours: 11am-6pm Saturday and Sunday

Ticket Info for unlimited rides:

Luna Park is free to enter, but there is no way you’ll be happy to watch everyone else having fun!

4 Person Family $149.95

13yrs+– $49.95

4yrs-12yrs– $39.95

0-3yrs- $17.50

For all other ticketing info including single ride passes, gift vouchers and annual passes click here!

I always find historical photo’s a little creepy, but the snapshots throughout the ages of Luna Park are pretty amazing, check them out!

Special Events coming soon to Luna Park

Mother’s Day Winter School Holidays School Activities Week

Luna Park also offers a range of function rooms to hire, as well as venues for kid’s parties, weddings & engagement events and Christmas party venues. Visit their Events page for more details.

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2 thoughts on “Luna Park – A whole heap of fun and only 1 little tantrum!

  1. Very informative Olivia, looked as if you all had a great time albeit you felt a little sick. Looks like another visit upcoming for Luna Park in the very near future I will say you certainly are embracing the Aussie lifestyle always out there enjoying all the attractions also the eateries well done to all of you and keep up your blogging excellent thank you we feel as if we are on the journeys with you.

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