Are you a Good witch or a bad witch? 

Had a really busy few days here! We’ve been to the park, gone home, back to the park, home to bed, up and back to the park! Oh and throw in about 17 trips to the supermarket for forgotten items and that’s us!!!! 

It really is awesome for the kids! The parks are brill, and the weather is too! This is winter! I just can’t believe how warm it is!  Yesterday was 25 degrees and we were making the most of it! Again mine were the only children enjoying the fountains, not sure whether the other kids are bored of splashing or their shuddering parents genuinely think it’s too cold!?!? 

We only have one week left in the Meriton apartment!! (yippee) Next week it’ll be all change for us again! This move will be the last for a long while! It is pretty luxurious here but this living in a hotel isn’t like having a home! I cannot wait to get into our house! Although, when it’s my turn to change the bedsheets and clean the bathrooms maybe I’ll dream longingly about the time we have spent here! 

We are definitely starting to feel more relaxed and at home in Oz! Its so nice to be recognising faces round here and getting to grips with where we are going when we trek out with the buggy in tow! 

We have spent this week (drumroll please)……..looking for friends!!!! 

I have decided the best time of day for this is 10am! The local park is rammed in the mornings, and Monty is particularly friendly!  If I leave it too late he is like a rabid beast and other kids start exiting the play area in their dozens! To be fair, both Poppy and Monty have been great with the children we have met! They are really enjoying playing with friends that they have got to know! 

 I decided there was nothing for it, I was going to the park on a friend finding mission! I donned my “I love Gin” t -shirt and voila! I have swapped numbers with three lovely ladies and even got some play dates arranged! I knew that would be a winner! I mean who in their right mind wouldn’t wanna be my friend!!? I even embraced one of the ladies after she gave me her number! She was so cool, (a yoga teacher) and beautiful, and was super friendly to boot! She seemed quite enthusiastic to swap numbers (go figure ?) and I was so overjoyed that I had scored a mate I bear hugged her, right there, by the slide!! Thankfully she wasn’t too terrified as she sent me a text later that evening! Wow I hadn’t realised how emotional it would be trying to make friends!! 

I have had this little giggle creeping up on me every so often when I imagine what my girls back home would be saying if they could see me swooping in on the groovy mums at the park! Kicking Monty’s football into the circle of converse wearing, well groomed yummy mummy’s just so I can jog over and say hi!! Haha! One of these days, some new mum from the UK will be jogging in my direction thinking “wow I wanna be friends with her! I’m desperate afterall!!” 


2 thoughts on “Are you a Good witch or a bad witch? 

  1. You definitely would not be splashing around in the fountains here in Yeovil, it has been freezing yesterday. You know you will make loads of friends out there over time, you put up your blog you have found someone new everyrtime and when you move to your new house bet you will get on great with the locals. You are very personable and so are the children best of luck with the move and still waiting to see pictures glad you are still skypping Julie get to hear from her also so congratulations onwards and upwards to the next part of the adventure.

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