The Truth is… I miss you! An expat’s heart!

I wonder if we think of each other at the same time!

I wonder whilst I am sitting here looking out on a different land, if you are looking upon that green grass, the landscape that is so familiar to me.

I wonder if you ever think of me whilst you’re doing the things we used to do together.

I wonder if you try to call me by accident as much as I do you.

I wonder if you still miss me as much as you did a year ago.

I wonder if that longing I feel in my heart makes yours ache too.

I wonder if you look at your children, watch them grow and ever wonder what mine are doing right at that moment.

I wonder if you pray for the children’s friendships and hope they stand the test of time.

I wonder if everything has stayed the same!

I wonder if you still save a seat for me at dinner. It’s strange to think that those little quirky “we miss you” things may soon disappear from your girl’s nights out.

I wonder if you have saved a space in your life for me, for when I return with my arms flung open, to tell you I’m home, and start all over as if I never left.

I wonder if we will ever go back to exactly where we left off, all those years ago.

Please remember me. Remember us. Remember everything we had before this adventure of mine began. I took you with me, I took all of you, I had you tucked away in my heart, and I will always return to our friendship no matter how long I am away!

The truth is, I miss you. I miss the laughter that makes our faces ache. I miss our children playing. I miss our chats. I miss our moans. I miss our gin and tonics at inappropriate times of the day. I miss the world with you. I miss our time together. I miss our nights out. I miss hearing about your day. I miss afternoon tea in your garden. I miss your enthusiasm. I miss your kindness. I miss you knocking on my door. I miss seeing your car drive past. I miss your face. I miss your company. I miss your uniqueness. I miss stealing a squirt of your perfume when you’re not looking. I miss the jokes that we talked about for years.


The truth is, I miss you, I miss all of you, I miss everything we had.

So hold me dear even though I am far, keep the chair free for me, I will be coming home.

Friends come and go like the waves of the ocean, but good ones stay, like an octopus on your face! – Unknown

9 thoughts on “The Truth is… I miss you! An expat’s heart!

  1. You will always be missed Olivia, you are infectious with your laugh and your smile you have a great personality and your family are an inspiration for you all, it will always be good to see you back in the fold but won’t hold my breath as you have now got the wonder lust and good on you and the family keep strong and your friends will always be there for you.

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  2. Sobbing into my morning coffee whilst feeling eternally gratfeul for having such a special friend. There is always a place for you at dinner!
    With love
    Your slimiest octopus buddy 💗

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  3. You’re still missed Mrs, as much as ever. We always talk about you when we go out and take a picture of the empty chair that’s waiting to be filled on your return 😘….now enough of this soppy talk…get yourself back here, I need one of those Olivia hugs xxxx

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