We went WIIIILD at Wild Buggy!!


Saturday was looking like it was going to be stressful! Poppy’s team lost their netball game, Monty was in a foul mood and trying his best to ruin everyones day, and I was thinking we had probably chosen completely the wrong weekend to go on an adventure. Turns out no body wants to go “ANYWHERE”.

We were in the car, on our way to Heatherton and no one was talking to each other! The kids didn’t know where we were going, I’d kept it a secret, however I was ready to have my own little tantrum and leave them strapped into the car to go ‘buggying’ by myself.

We pulled into the car park, and in front of us was Wild Buggy, Melbourne’s driving adventure park, and it’s terrific track. There were hills, obstacles, huge splashy puddles, logs, stairs… The children gawped out of the window, eyes like two little owls; a buggy went flying past, and in chorus they said “I’m so sorry mum, can we go? Can we go?” It took all my might to stop myself telling them to stick it and make them sit there and watch Tim and I rocket through the course…

Once we were in, the kids had their safety briefing, both listening intently I may add; I filled out the forms, they were hair netted up, helmets on and eager to get into the bright blue buggys!! I was secretly wishing I was having a go too!

Each of the kids had an instructor sat next to them, guiding them round the course, and helpfully tapping the brake to stop them careering off into the grass. Thank goodness!!

The track has been upgraded recently, and looks amazing! There are tight twists and turns, a sheer faced wall, and plenty of lumps and bumps to get through. However, with the awesome instruction the children were able to get around it easily, pick up some speed and get airborne too. Can you imagine their faces?!

Monty is only 5 and Poppy 8, and they nailed it. I thought they may struggle to control the vehicle, or not be able to reach the pedals, but it was all good. The seats were adjustable, the seat belts held them tight, and they were soon dashing past us, over the rocks, up and down the stairs, and splashing through the puddles, madly cheering as they went.

Once they had run out of time, Tim and I got a treat and hopped in to have a test run! Now I really got to see what all the screaming is about. I am blatantly the better driver out of the both of us, so I took it steady to start with, just to get an idea of what I needed to do! My instructor Veronica guided me through, yelling “foot down, foot down” just at the right time, so as I could make the most of the track. Tim just smashed it in true ‘boy’ fashion! I didn’t tell him he was good of course!

Driving through this kind of terrain, through the water, and along the wall, is not something you get to do every day, and it’s not usually something that small kids get to try at all. Wild Buggy really is a fab experience for all ages and abilities, and I promise, you will be at “Gold Parent” status, for at least a few hours afterwards!!

Stars of the day: Aaron, Indrek, Rauno & Veronica!!

★★★★★ “The best thing I have ever done” Poppy- Head of The Fun & Games Department, Wilsons of Oz

★★★★★ “Can we go again, again and again a bazillion times?” Monty – Director of Entertainment, Wilsons of Oz 

All the information you need!!

Location: 433-453 Boundary Road, Heatherton, 3202, VIC

Tel: 1300 945 328

You can go on your own, as a group, or even have a birthday party at Wild Buggy!

Click here for pricing  details.

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