Holey Moley the hangover was worth it!!!


Wow, Sunday completely disappeared whilst I lay in bed nursing an whopping Gin/Mini Golf hangover. What a night we had at Holey Moley!

For those of you that don’t know about the awesomeness that is Holey Moley, let me tell you; you haven’t lived until you’ve picked up a putter here! Yes, it’s true, you can mix an insane game of mini golf, (or putt putt putt putt putt if it’s me playing), with incredible cocktails and pumping tunes. Imagine the fun we had.

As expat parents, it can be tricky for us to get out of the house without the kids in tow. Thankfully this weekend we had them chained to the kitchen sink so as we could enjoy some free time without the wretched little beasts. (Don’t worry, we organised a babysitter).

We walked through the doors of Holey Moley with hoards of keen ‘par-tee’ people, the DJ was blasting out some rad tunes, there was a great vibe, and we were ready to hit the course, and the bar.

All the holes are cleverly thought out, well named, and heaps of fun. I started badly, not managing to get my ball in Hole 1 without kicking it, and after more and more trips to the bar, I got worse and worse. This absolutely didn’t ruin the fun, if anything I was entertaining the group. We spent a lot of the time doubled up laughing, trying to get our balls around all sorts of crazy obstacles including piles of croquet mallets, nana’s mobility walker, and a group of gophers. There was a Pac-Man hole, a Wizard of Oz hole (personal favourite), even “Blaaaarghbie’s Scream House” which was littered with beheaded barbies and dolly prams. Spooky!!

Saturday night was really busy, there were parties and large groups, couples enjoying date night, and small groups of friends like us. I noticed a real mix of ages too which is pretty cool! No matter how busy it was, we never felt like we were waiting long for our turn, and the game ran smoothly, even with trips to and from the packed bar. The only annoyance of the evening was that my team mates were doing really well, getting plenty of holes in one, and smashing the course as I was struggling to get my bright pink ball anywhere near the flags.. “How many shots was that Olivia?” Thank god for the Caddy Shack Bar  and their delicious refreshments. (You can check the bar menu here.)

Holey Moley claims to be Australia’s best mini golf course. Par none!! I reckon they may be right!  This place a must visit, in my humble opinion!

We ended the night, visors on, score card filled, drinking Espresso Martinis and gobbling pizza. Come on… Life doesn’t get better than that, surely!!


Location: 590 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Tel: 1300 727 833

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 12pm – late, Saturday & Sunday 10am – late

Prices start at $16.50 per person for 9 holes

Party info is all here!

Holey Moley are open in Brisbane and Melbourne, coming soon to Adelaide and opening on the 6th July in Sydney so get booked in!!!

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