Brickman: Wonders of The World, is coming to Melbourne!

When I heard that the Melbourne Museum was set to host the biggest ever exhibition made entirely out of LEGO® bricks, I legged it to the play room, stumbling over my own beautiful LEGO® creations to tell the kids. Monty said “wow, they must have as much LEGO® as we do!” Ten minutes later after much “Googling” we read that the legend, Ryan McNaught used almost 4 shipping containers full of bricks to create this ‘Wonders of The World’ exhibition. Monty was right! Incredibly, it took Ryan and his team 4,944 hours to finish building the masterpieces (I’m sure some of the parents out there can feel that pain!)

Mum’s and Dad’s, you’re going to have to brace yourselves as your little LEGO® fanatics are taken aback by what they see. This is like nothing they (or you) have ever seen before, (not even your rather good car with only three wheels you built last weekend compares). So, don’t be disheartened if The Brickman completely knocks their socks off, blows them away, and just reinforces your lack of LEGO® prowess.

Ryan with the mind blowing LEGO® Golden Gate Bridge

‘Wonders of the World’ is a brand new interactive LEGO® exhibition, exploring some of the world’s most magnificent masterpieces. The creator Ryan McNaught, is the only LEGO® Certified Professional in the Southern Hemisphere, and one of only 14 in the world.  Ryan’s job is to make LEGO® models for toy shops and department stores all over the Asia Pacific region! I’m pretty sure that’s Monty’s life goal sorted!

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On display there will be 50 breath taking and completely original masterpieces, including a whopping Arc de Triomphe, King Kong on the Empire State Building, Big Ben, a Leaning Tower of Pisa and Michelangelo’s Statue of David too! Each model will include a plaque with snippets about the real life wonder as well as behind-the-scenes tales about how the team managed to build them!

This exhibition will ensure the children come away having learnt some awesome facts about our World Wonders, and have an enormous desire to recreate them (uh oh!).  They’ll get some hands on time too, and get chance to have a go at building a statue of themselves. Can you imagine?? Ryan has assured us there is lots to learn, lots to get our hands on, and he’s hoping all Melburnians are up for a bit of a challenge! I know my team are!

This brick-tastic exhibition is the largest ever LEGO® exhibition to be seen in Melbourne and the most awesome news is that it will open just in time for the Easter school holidays! Yay for Melbourne!

So grab your little LEGO® fans and hot foot it to the Melbourne Museum as this astonishing exhibition promises to capture everyone’s imagination! You really don’t want to miss out!  In fact, stuff the kids, I’m racing you all to be one of the first visitors to see Brickman ‘Wonders of the World’ at Melbourne Museum.

Venue: Melbourne Museum

Dates: 1 April – 7 May 2017 (Open daily)

 Book tickets here



Watch this video of the exhibition in the making:




“Nothing like this exhibition has ever been seen before, every model is brand new and way more detailed than anything I’ve ever created-  Ryan McNaught.


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