The Wilson’s took flight on The Melbourne Star Observation Wheel!!

There’s no doubt about it, the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel stands proud in the Melbourne skyline, and so it should. It’s a beauty, and only one of four giant observation wheels in the world, hence why The Wilson’s were desperate to get on board.

We hopped on a tram to Docklands, which to be frank is the rear end of Melbourne (in my humble opinion).  You go to Docklands is to visit the wheel, or to go to Artvo; then you get back on the tram. (Melbourne is one of the world’s most beautiful and vibrant cities, and when there is soooooo much better on your doorstep it hard not to be a spoilt brat…!)

Once we’d herded the kids past the ice creams and through the rather grand gates, we were shuffled in to have the obligatory photo. You know, the ones where they superimpose fireworks behind you and make it look like you’re having a smashing time, before you’ve even experienced the attraction. The photos that I always love and Mr W always refuses to purchase!! So, after a quick “Cheeeese” we were sent on our merry way to queue for the “flight”. We chose a good day as we didn’t have to queue long at all; I was surprised as the weather was magnificent, and it seemed like an ideal afternoon to be up in the sky. The staff were all great and we even managed to get a few cheesy jokes from the man checking our tickets. The kids were rolling with laughter as we headed into our shiny cabin!

The view from the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel is pretty much what you’d expect from a 40-storey observation wheel parked “behind” Melbourne and right next to the docks. The first ten minutes don’t really give you anything apart from a view of lunchtime in Costco. However, if you can ignore the shopping centre roof tops, the car parks, and all the air conditioning units glistening on top of the buildings below, then you will enjoy this 30 minute flight.

Once you gain some height the views across the water of Port Philip Bay, toward the Mornington Peninsular are stunning.  Although the docks aren’t very pretty, they managed to bring back fond memories of our arrival in Australia and the much anticipated wait for our own container. The breathtaking sight of the Dandenong Ranges and the You Yangs Regional Park, is a huge plus to the flight.  The children enjoyed using the map alongside the compass in the roof of the cabin, and we all found the facts about Melbourne and the wheel interesting. The panoramic views from our bench made it easy for us all to see, and there was plenty of space for Monty to roll around on the floor having a little meltdown 23 minutes in.

The commentary throughout, tells you of all the beautiful sights that Melbourne has on offer. You are almost taunted with tales of elegant Victorian buildings, which are out of sight,  the wondrous MCG, which you can’t see, and the laneways, which are hidden in amongst a maze of towering buildings. In fact, you can’t see many of the famous sights that Melburnians hold dear.  Is that a let down? A little. The Observation Wheel definitely isn’t in the right location to highlight Melbourne, but it does do it’s absolute best to highlight everything you can see. What the Melbourne Star gives you is a tranquil trip, together with your loved ones, above the waterfront precinct, and the buildings of this utterly wondrous, awe inspiring city;  and I bet, if you went at night, with the buildings below in darkness, and all the twinkly lights of the city guiding you through the sky, it would be an incredibly romantic, and truly unforgettable experience!

Melbourne Star at night

‘Once you have tasted the taste of sky, you will forever look up’ – Leonardo Da Vinci

All the info

Opening times: 365 Days a Year!!

May to August 11am – 7pm daily
September to April 11am – 10pm daily

Christmas Day and ANZAC Day 1pm – 10pm

Location: 101 Waterfront Way, Docklands, Melbourne

Ticket Pricing: Information on ticketing is all here, There are so many different options to choose from, so check them out!

Whats On??

Skate & Fly these school holidays.

Free game of Glow Golf  *on landing.

Pretty happy to see the Lego wheel in the gift shop, made by the incredible Ryan McNaught AKA The Brickman ! 



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