Expat life when ‘The Parents’ arrive!!!

When your parents announce excitedly that they’re coming to stay, your heart obviously skips a beat! We miss my parents dearly, and really look forward to them visiting. The children are so excited and we’re all looking forward to sharing our new life in Melbourne with them. We get to show them around, send them off on their own adventures, book experiences for them, and show them how best to see what Australia has to offer.

Mum and Dad are coming for ten weeks… Yup, ten weeks….  Ten weeks of 6 people in the house!! My skipping heart turns into a racing heart, racing dangerously fast, so fast in fact that I think it may have turned into palpitations. Where’s the gin?

We’re on countdown… we have a little less than 6 weeks until the folks arrive in Melbourne!! The countdown is a happy one, but I feel like I have so much to do in preparation…. The children’s table manners being the main priority!!!



My parents live a very serene existence on the coast in sleepy South Wales. Typical retirees, they do whatever they want, whenever they want. They eat what they want, snooze when they want and sit in relative silence most of the day reading newspapers and watching tennis, interspersed perhaps with a trip to M&S for a coffee and a mooch. (Well, that’s what I imagine they do..) So, coming here, throwing themselves into the Wilson’s chaotic life, is bound to be a shock to the system. I am however, determined to make it as serene and “holiday” like for them both… for us all…..

The best thing us ‘expats’ can do before guests arrive is plan how it’s going to work; how we’re all going to get along, being thrown together under one roof for an extended period of time.. (I’m sweating again).  I’ve created space for Mum and Dad to use to get some peace and quiet when they need it. They will have their own lounge upstairs, the main bedroom with an en-suite and a dressing room; thinking about it, they could have all their meals served up there too! *Kidding, can’t wait to see you guys!!! 

We’ll share boring tasks like grocery shopping and chores; but most importantly we will share time, and we’ll share the children. The children will love having someone else to watch their dancing, and to read them stories over and over again. They’ll be thrilled to have someone to play board games with, and give them their undivided attention. To have their grandparents drop them off at school and be there to pick them up when the bell rings will be such a treat. They’ll all enjoy those special play times, bath times, and days out that we miss out on being so far apart. It’s not often we get to share family meals, make memories, and be together on Christmas day, but are just a few of the things that make this expat life so worth while; and what goes toward making “expat family” time that little bit more special.

Zoo trip
Taronga Zoo Trip last visit

Life is short, we live squillions of miles apart, and we long for the free babysitters to arrive… I mean…… to have this quality time together; it just needs to be planned properly so as we can all make the most of it…. I am determined to make this summer as harmonious as possible for everyone; I’m also determined never to utter the words “when you’re under my roof!!!”

As long as the kids bloody behave we’ll be ok!!! Wish me luck!!

Olivia xx

What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humour, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly…. cookies!! – Rudy Giuliani

What have we planned so far? 

Bay Fish N Trips – We have booked a Casual Charter for ‘Grandad,’ departing from the Mornington Peninsula.

Weekday – TRIP TIME 10:00 AM TO 3:00 PM (5 HRS) – BBQ included. Adult $85 Senior/Student $80 Child $75 (14 years & under)

Trip to Tasmania – The folks will grab fairly cheap flights over to Hobart with Jetstar (around $350 total).

The famous Melbourne Star  is always on the list for visitors, as is the incredible Eureka Sky Deck  where you get the most wonderful view of the whole of Melbourne!

After reading Miss Morni Penni’s blog post about the Red Gum BBQ we will definitely be heading over there for a feast at some point.

High Tea at the Westin looks amazing and something I am desperate to treat mum to!

I may use the “free babysitters” and head out alone on the Chocolate, Queen Victoria Market, Donuts and Coffee Walking Tour, Unless M+D are really well behaved and then I might let them come…

Anyone with more ideas or tips on places to take the folks, let me know!! We have a good few weeks to fill…





4 thoughts on “Expat life when ‘The Parents’ arrive!!!

  1. A very good blog Olivia, you won’t know yourself all that help and tax free. Have a really great 10 weeks with parents and also 10 weeks for the children with their grandparents, I wouldn’t mind saying that must be 1 of their greatest holidays thank you for this blog very very good !!!!

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  2. Wishing you all a really lovely special Christmas together, may it be full of family meal times (with angelic table manners), dig days out (harmonious of course) and lazy sunny afternoons (whilst the children play quietly) oh and of course plenty of gin as and when required!!
    Already looking forward to your 10 weeks of busyness blogs 🙈💗🍸 xxx

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