Fringe Wives Club, Glittery Clittery: A conSENSUAL Party


If you’re looking for fearless dance moves, glittery sharp wit, feminist feedback, and a spectacular dancing Labia, this is the show for you! “Three comedy she-wolf legends” bring you an hour of original songs with lyrics such as “he only does it ‘cos he likes you” and “you have a dick but don’t be a dick” followed by the most incredible “gameshow” where an audience member came up with the term “Penis Fly Trap”! I know, high five that woman!!

With boundless passion, love, anger, and labia epaulets, the “Glitterati” fight (and sing, and dance) to ensure than women’s voices are heard. Rowena Hutson created a few spine chilling, audience hushing moments, including when she delivered Trump’s pussy-grabbing speech, to a visibly stirred crowd.

Lyrical Glamstar (does that work?) Victoria Falconer-Pritchard is a vixen with a violin, and alongside Tessa Waters and Rowena Hutson they become a fiery, not to be messed trio of Glamtavists! This show is gloriously inclusive, unhesitatingly risqué and completely rapturous. Thrusting my hips around and chanting “lady boner” under my breath all Easter weekend may turn out to be incredibly inappropriate, but I just can’t stop!

Mrs W, not nearly enough glitter, and even more of a girl crush!

 Tessa Waters (Winner Best Comedy 2015 Adelaide Fringe, WOMANz/Over Promises),

Rowena Hutson (Winner Most Outstanding Comedy 2016 Melbourne Fringe, Strong Female Character)

Victoria Falconer-Pritchard (Winner 2015 London Cabaret Awards, East End Cabaret).


Waters is the ‘undisputed queen of physical comedy!’ Broadway Baby (UK)

Hutson is ‘an awesome talent.’ The Clothesline

Falconer-Pritchard is ‘a skillful foil able to… grab a laugh with the merest eyeball-rolling glance.’ Chortle (UK)

Thu 13 Apr – Sat 15 Apr: 10pm;
Thu 20 Apr – Sat 22 Apr: 10pm

Greek Centre, Parthenon, Cnr Lonsdale & Russell Sts, Melbourne

Book Here

Fringe Wives Club Facebook


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