We already knew he was a-MAZE-ing…..!!!

Father’s day was a great excuse for us to celebrate what an awesome father my children have. No matter how fast life seems to fly, he is always the steady, calm, centre of our family. No matter what we face, he’s always able to approach everything clearly and sensibly. He is exactly what this family needs, as the rest of us are completely irrational and fly off the handle with absolutely no notice whatsoever.

Like a lot of dads, Mr W is at work most of the time. This means he doesn’t get the chance to feel completely drained by little people’s moaning, or absolutely broken from yet another tale being told. He doesn’t feel the pain of packed lunch making, or school uniform washing, or tantrums at bath time, or whinging about the walk home from school, or the distraught screams when I suggest we eat dinner before having ice cream…. This doesn’t make him any less of a father! It means his time is concentrated in to smaller, more magical and meaningful moments.

Sometimes I could scream as I imagine him, pottering around the office, hanging out at the water cooler, not a care in the world, whilst I’m wrestling iPads out of the clutches of two disgustingly grubby kids, whilst trying to force feed them some dense green vegetables. Why does he have to work so much????

However, I know Mr W is like a lot of parents out there;  working long hours, in stressful jobs, longing to be at home for bedtime story reading; desperate to be at the assembly to see the kids get an award; but good old Noreen has called yet another meeting….

The rat race gets in the way of life and gets in the way of parenting, but ultimately it gets in the way of Tim having those quality moments just as the children drop off to sleep, or as they run out of the school gates proudly clutching their latest masterpiece.

So this Father’s Day I made sure we spoilt him, and I also made sure the kids got the most out of some special Father time. We drove down to the Mornington Peninsula in the pouring rain with Tim blindfolded (the children insisted) and feeling queazy! We visited Boneo Maze and Mini Golf, where Tim played his Super Dad role perfectly.

He spent over an hour playing Mini Golf with the kids in the rain, Poppy scoring very diligently, and loving every minute.  He played tricks on the children, pretending to trip up and miss the ball. He made them belly laugh. He ran around the maze at full speed trying desperately to lose them, which they found hysterical. They played hide and seek, tiggy, and changed the rules of hoopla so we threw the rings over our arms, legs and heads. He picked them up and spun them around; as they flew you could see the adoration in their eyes. He followed them round on the carousel, watching them every second. We ran through the huge gardens, in amongst the blossom trees. Tim pointed out beautiful birds whilst the children sat attentively next to him in the bird hide taking it all in. They searched for their own special find to impress him.

We spent hours totally enjoying our surroundings, and embracing just being with him, holding his hand, catching him. I noticed Monty holding onto Tim’s leg as they walked the boardwalk, which verified just how wonderful it is to be a father, no matter what work makes you miss out on… We are so lucky to have him, and I adore how absolutely they burst with love for him.


I’m solo parenting far, far from home this week, and I’m not cross that he’s away again! I’m happy that no matter how often he goes away, or how exhausted he is when he comes home; to us he is utterly wonderful, and we’re going to make the most of him when he’s home because he really is the best dad ever!!

Hope you all had a lovely Father’s Day too!



Boneo Maze is located on Victoria’s stunning Mornington Peninsula. The 27 acre wetlands are a beautiful showcase of the Mornington Peninsula’s indigenous flora and fauna, including many species of frogs and water birds.  Their passion for connecting people with nature inspires them to ever evolve in their connection to this beautiful natural environment. 

All the details so you can take your family to Boneo Maze


September School Holidays at Boneo Maze- If you are wondering what to do with the kids this school holidays, look no further!

Spring School Holidays mean Boneo Maze’s Adventure Zone is Back!  *Bungee Tramps, *Quad Tramps, *Pedal Boats and our *Rock Climbing Wall are all out of hibernation and are ready to test your skills. Spring into Spring with these high energy activities. Lots of arts and crafts, scavenger hunts, mazes, mini golf, jumping castle and carousel rides to keep the family entertained for hours.

*$5 per ride or *$15 for a 2 hour unlimited rides wristband

Other Dates for your diary…. 

Grand Final Weekend – Take advantage of the long weekend and head down to Boneo maze.  Enjoy Footy themed crafts, Scavenger Hunts, Mini Golf, Mazes, jumping castle, vintage carousel and our Adventure Zone.

Halloween – Booo ha ha…  celebrate Halloween early on October 29th with Boneo Mazes’ spooky themed activities. Balloon artists, face painters, kids crafts and costume competitions are all part of the fun. Make your own spooky mask, bob for apples and enjoy our spooky themed scavenger hunt!  Lots of prizes and fun to be had by every one!  Don’t forget the Adventure Zone is back open on weekends, Public holidays and School holidays! Rides start from just $5!!!

Melbourne Cup Day/Weekend – Boneo Maze will be getting into the racing spirit with lots of arts and crafts for the kids.  They can design their own jockey jumpers, take part in colouring competitions, giveaways and prizes, scavenger hunts and all the awesome activities always on offer at Boneo Maze. Don’t forget about the Bungee Tramps, Rock Climbing wall, Pedal boats on the lake, mini golf, mazes and giant games garden activities too.  Bring a picnic or be tempted by the freshly made meals in the licensed lakeside café.


Opening hours-10am – 5pm, 7 days a week (General Entry Prices: Includes mazes, mini golf, wetlands and boardwalk, jumping castle and giant games garden.)

Location: 695 Limestone Road Fingal Phone: 03 5988 6385

Cost: Family $60 (2 x adults, 2 x kids) Adults $18 Seniors $16 Children $15 (3 – 17yo) Kids under 3 are free

Add Adventure Prices: (Includes bungee tramps, pedal boats, rock climbing wall and quad tramps)

*$5 per ride or *$15 for a 2 hour unlimited rides wristband

 Book your tickets now 

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