Tessa Waters – Rockstar School… (I totally Rocked it… Obvs!)


The little darlings and I headed to the Powder Room at Town Hall yesterday to check out Tessa Waters‘ family show ‘Rockstar School‘.  We’re into the second week of the holidays, the kids are pretty worn out, very grumpy, and getting right on my nerves; I was desperate to lock them in the bathroom and go in on my own!

As soon as the doors opened, their little faces lit up! They were high fived into the Powder Room by Tessa, told how awesome they are (they smirked at me), and the show began!

Straight away Tessa was teaching the kids how do do ‘rockstar hands’, and truly rock it to the music. She began the party by turning up the tunes and insisting everyone go as wild as they could on the dance floor. Oh my word did everyone rock it. Even me. Of course I joined in.. Who cares that I seem to have lost all the moves I used to use to whip up hysteria in the clubs a while back?  Who cares that I have turned into a ripple machine rather than a sleek, toe pointing, diva? This is a family show where the parents don’t have to sit back and watch the kids having fun, we get to shake our booty’s too! And we did a conga! I know!! Yay for a conga!!

The children were invited onto the stage throughout, to rock their favourite body part to a fab soundtrack. They were in 7th heaven; everyone shaking their arms, legs, heads, feet, rolling their tummies, all whilst Tessa danced by their side; encouraging their awesomeness.  Every child was beaming from ear to ear! The big kids, the teeny ones, everyone had a smile so big it had taken over their head!

Tessa has a magic about her on stage, she draws you in and makes you feel insanely happy. From the high fives on the way in, to the final big dance session, she kept the ridiculously high energy up for a full hour. No mean feat, I can assure you!

Tessa is like the Au Pair everyone wants but can’t find. Fun, full of beans (quite true), she can totally nail a high kick, and is magnificent with the kids. All that makes for a superb family show,  where Tessa points out each and every incredible dance move to ensure the kids leave feeling very proud of themselves.

Grab your spandex, your fanny packs, your best dancing shoes, and your kids of course, and join in the Rockstar fever; they’ll love you a hell of a lot more afterwards. Or did mine feel sorry for me? Who knows! We all went home danced out, with huge smiles, and the kids taught dad how to hide his “fluffing” on the dance floor… Thank god for Tessa!



‘Waters is incredibly funny, turning her body into a giggle generator as ludicrous as it is celebratory. ★★★★★’ Sydney Morning Herald

‘The dance moves were so funny’ Poppy Wilson, Chief Body Popper, The Wilsons of Oz

‘I just liked the farting’ Monty Wilson – Head critic, The Wilsons of Oz

‘Undisputed Queen of Stupidity! ★★★★★’ Broadway Baby (UK)

Waters is the most free performer I have ever seen, must see physical comedy. ★★★★★’ Funny Women

‘I left giggling and my cheeks hurting from laughing so hard. ★★★★★’ Across the Arts

‘To explain exactly what this performance entails is quite impossible, what I can tell you is Tessa Waters will make you laugh till you cry. ★★★★★ Great Scott Media


Dates/Time: Tue 11 Apr – Sun 16 Apr -2pm
Venue: Melb Town Hall – Powder Room, Cnr Swanston & Collins Sts, Melbourne

Buy Tickets Now!

Tessa’s other shows at the Festival – Fully Sik, Fringe Wive’s Club, Comedy Club for Kids,  The Very Big Laugh Out

Tessa’s top tip for the festival – “You can’t miss Josh Earl


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