We are not gluttons, we’re explorers of food!


South Melbourne Market has been a treasured inner city landmark and a favourite amongst locals and visitors since 1867. It is the quintessential village market, a place where people come not only to purchase fresh food, but to meet, eat, drink, shop, discover, share and connect.

We took two hungry ankle biters to the market on Saturday morning and we were thrilled with everything it had to offer. As soon as you walk in your senses become alive with sights and smells of all the wonderful products on sale. Having said that Monty just demanded the usual packet of Mentos, and threw an absolute wobbler because we couldn’t find any! Not even remotely satisfied with the plethora of lovingly made food on offer. Little “bleeper”.

There is coffee to top all coffee, fish, meat, flowers, clothes, shoes, jewellery, cheese, wine, oysters, pies, cakes, freshly made pasta, honestly the list goes on and on. People from all over Melbourne and from afar come to spend their morning buying fresh produce, relaxing with their friends and filling their baskets with top notch treats!

The Wilson’s top thrills this weekend were:

  • The most dreamy, fluffy, scrumptious donuts from La Lapa
  • The delicious meat on offer at Hagens Organic Butcher was second to none!
  • The magical Terrarium’s at The Terrarium Laboratory caught my eye. I am desperate for one!
  • The kids loved The Super Cool Kid, and also enjoyed the colouring in, and being able to measure themselves on the height chart! Anything to keep them busy right?
  • Merchants of Change is my kind of shop! All things People, Planet and Purpose, and uber cool too, that you could ever wish for!
  • Inside the Looking Glass wooed me with their awesome selection of jewellery, and funky patterns. If only I had won the lotto last week! One of everything please!
  • Oh the joy on the kids faces when they spied Spin South Melbourne. Scooter, skateboard and bike heaven.. Lots for the grown ups too!
  • I managed to pry Mr W’s wallet out of his grasp and spend some of his hard earned cash on some awesome crockery from In2 Homewares. So much lovely stuff to choose from.
  • The Fresh Pasta Shop was mind blowing! So many options for dinner, it all looked delish, and I was running out of room in my bag and my tummy….

We loved the excitement of seeing everything the market had to offer visitors, from beautiful flowers and groceries, to original clothing and accessories. There were plenty of shops for the children to have a look round; they managed to touch everything they could see, and spend their pocket money too. It really is a great place to go to fully support the local community who are working tirelessly to bring you the best of the best that Melbourne has to offer.

South Melbourne Market has a full calendar of live music, events and activities. It is a happy and experiential place that celebrates the senses. Get yourselves down to South Melbourne Market, you never know what may delight you first!

Opening hours

Wednesday- 8-4 /Friday-8-5 /Saturday-8-4 /Sunday-8-4

2 Hours free parking on market days

Fairy Petunia is at the market every Wednesday from 9:30-11:30 in the food hall, offering face painting, balloon art, colouring, music and loads more fun!

Yes, they really do queue for the best coffee…..


“Hard work should be rewarded with good food and beautiful presents” – Olivia Wilson



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