Artvo – Incredible things don’t ask for attention!

Thumbs up at Artvo in Harbour Town, Docklands

We headed to Artvo over the holidays! It’s an immersive or ‘trick art’ gallery, and the first of it’s kind here in Australia! 14 artists with over 40 years’ experience have created more than 100 hand painted artworks in just 60 days. The creations were all there for us to touch, stand inside, and become a part of. There were lions to tame, underwater scenes to dive in to and secret worlds to explore. There were paper aeroplanes to climb aboard, broken bridges to scramble across and swimming pools to be swum in! The children’s eyes were like saucers, and I was frantically prepping them about how to stand still so I could snap them! I was determined to get some good shots to show off!

The day we went was SUPER BUSY! It’s obvious Artvo has been a huge success and lots of folk have heard about it! Maybe the middle of the Easter school holidays wasn’t the best time for The Wilson’s to visit, as my nerves were nearly shot after a whole week of holiday already,  Monty cannot control his running feet, and Poppy has selective hearing! We ploughed on and boy was it worth it!!!

As soon as we had nailed the queue and got inside, we were greeted by lots of really friendly staff, who were on hand to give tips, advice, and help us get into the perfect position to score the best pics. It’s so important to have them there and for them to be so approachable, as it’s surprisingly tricky to get it just right with two wriggly little ones. The staff were all fabulously helpful and patient considering the mayhem they were dealing with! They made it possible for the children to successfully surf the seas, sit in the palm of a gorillas hand and even climb onto a magic carpet for a flight around the pharaohs tomb. How awesome is that?!?!

Unlike the ‘usual’ art museums, we were all positively encouraged to become part of the art. The children were in their element! I was praying they would listen, stand still and be photographed without the mad desperation to run to the next exciting picture; they came good by the second zone. (I did secretly wish I had sedated them a little before we went in.)

There are more than 11 themed zones to explore, Monty was ecstatic to find the Jungle Safari zone and the Imagine zone too. We reckon those were our best photo’s.

There were so many wonderful 3D pictures, the children were running all over the place, they just couldn’t contain their excitement. Neither could everyone else’s kids. Mothers were looking at each other as if to say “you’re not alone”… and “H..e..l..p…..M…eeeee”.  We were all simultaneously hollering at our children, other peoples children, anyone who dared get in the way of the perfect snapshot. It was a heartwarming “collective parenting afternoon.” This meant the photos we got were awesome, and it was well worth the easter vacation chaos and the sore throat afterwards!

Artvo suggest approximately three hours to see everything, and photograph it properly; we managed 90 minutes, and will definitely return.  I have always loved anything ‘3D’, and we were all taken aback by this experience; the children have looked through our photos so many times since our visit! They are amazed at how magical they really look!

We felt so lucky to have visited Artvo and to have come away with such special photos. I’m keen to go again, so as we can all hop into the pictures as a family. The artwork really does create special moments and photos that can be treasured forever.

poppy world
The whole world at her fingertips! Just how we like it!


A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away – Eudora Welty



The 1900 square metre Artvo museum is a must see!

Plan your visit HERE, then BOOK HERE

Tips for taking the best photo can be found HERE!


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