You’ve always had the power! 

It’s 1155 and I am sitting eating my lunch with Monty, enjoying Tom and Jerry! It’s a bit early for lunch, but we were hungry after a busy morning, and it’s either lunch or folding the laundry! That, and Poppy will be having her lunch right now, outside in the playgound, so we thought we’d eat at the same time! It’s bizarre being here, at home without Poppy! 

It is her first day at Sylvania Heights Public School and I am proud to say she was incredibly excited! We met her class teacher yesterday and she was lovely! Most of you will know by now, Poppy has always been a little emotional going to school! Whether it’s habit, or separation anxiety or something else, I’ll never know, but this morning was pretty stressful for me! Every time she paused I was there saying “come on now, such an adventure, what an awesome experience, you’ll make friends so quickly, wow you’re so lucky!” Anything to keep her from crying. (To be honest I don’t think she was that bothered!). I never know what’s the best thing to do!

 We walked to school, a lovely 15 minute stroll through the houses, with enough sticks to keep Monty occupied! 

  How that child can turn a stick into ANYTHING amazes me! He adores a stick! 

When we arrived at the school gates, children were piling in, laughing, singing, the playgrounds (there are many) were full of children playing very organised games of rugby, and football, no teacher in sight!  Every single child was wearing a broad rimmed sunhat! The “no hat, no play” policy is a no brainer here even in the winter! We made our way to the steps at the bottom of Poppy’s classroom so she could wait for her “Buddy” to come and meet her! So cute! I could see Poppy’s little face, overwhelmed (120 kids in UK school to 700 here), nervous, bottom lip with a tiny wobble, I was welling up and thinking ” this cannot be easy for her! Why have we done this? Oh gosh lets ditch and go home,” then Miss Ray (like a ray of sunshine) waltzed round the corner and saved the day! She has the biggest smile, bright red lipstick and I wanted to hug her! (Note to self: stop hugging the locals) Poppy went off quite happily and Monty shouted at the top of his voice “bye Poppy, my am so proud of you! My love you!” The girls collapsed into a heap of giggles! Phew that made everything better! 

Monty and I left the girls to it, and walked home! Via McDonald’s! Not for a “Maccas” brekkie, but for a huge coffee and a play! It has the best undercover playarea and its where we have been told to go for a play locally! This was a good shout as we managed to meet a really nice lady (originally from the uk) who was meeting her daughter and grandchildren! Yippppeeee we made some friends!! We hung out for a few hours, they invited me to watch their 3 yr olds swimming lesson so we could see if Monty would like to join, such nice friendly folk! So we’ve had a good morning all in all!  It’s pretty tough being on your own in a strange place with the kids! I’m trying my best to keep busy even if it means the children have two ice creams a day!! Just to get out! 

This afternoon I am popping Monty into the buggy and I’m walking up to a local cafe to meet the PTA mums from school! I hope they’re just as friendly as everyone else I have met so far! Can’t let Poppy down! Need to get her some play dates! So, I’ll get the washing on the line, prepare supper, load the dishwasher and be on my merry way! I am determined to settle in, I know we have done the right thing! Could someone just send me a galaxy ripple please!!!  


2 thoughts on “You’ve always had the power! 

  1. fantastic poppy well done on your first day, I bet your a very proud young lady being a englander going to the other side of the world, starting a great new life with all the family and Olivia what a proud mum you must be looking at Monty Swimming away your daughter now carrying the flag into school. You hopefully feeling a little better in the warm climate with your problem so onwards and upwards and boy are you ding that go Wilson’s XXX


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