Bear Grylls eat your heart out!! 

I did it!! It took 32 attempts but I mastered the uppy downy buggy function!! I am a legend! I was ready for our adventure into the city and whatever the day had in store for me! 

I took the munchkins out, hopped on a train and we had the best day ever!! Someone told me before I got here that the Sydney Opera House is a real let down close up! Well folks I can assure you that is total b@&&”$s! It is awesome. I must have taken 200 photos! (Which were promptly deleted when I realised they were all the same). Even the children were dumbstruck! And that doesn’t happen very often! 

We visited the Royal Botanic Gardens which again were beautiful and serene; until Monty picked up a huge stick and ran around trying to stick it up an Ibis’s backside! I was then in a sweat trying to catch him while he was trying to catch the bird!! Again, I could feel people pointing and laughing, some tourists even taking photos! How am I ever going to make friends in this town? 

Oh but on the plus side, we found a fan of the buggy!! 

Thank god for The Choo Choo express. It’s a cute little train that takes you on an awesome tour of the Royal Botanical Gardens. The tour guide was really good! It was 25 minutes of sitting, listening and looking at the lovely view! The children loved it more than me I think!! (

Having said that, this photo blatantly shows me in my element and the children looking slightly embarrassed! Well, I always loved a Diddy train ride! 

On the way home we spotted the Rugby World Cup glistening on a stand surrounded by beautiful Emirates air stewardesses! I had to get a photo for grandad! (The cup not the girls) I had no idea the guy in the middle was a famous Aussie scrum half! 

Who cares anyway, I wasn’t allowed to touch the cup or the player!! Thank god I wasn’t stood next to him, I was about a foot taller than him and broader too, honestly would have looked like I was in drag! As we walked away I noticed hoards of people trying to get their photos with this huge celebrity (not in stature). I nearly went back to apologise for not having the foggiest who he was! 

We chilled for a while listening to a local busker, who was a mixture of Jamie Cullum and Jack Johnson, and I really felt incredibly happy! The sun was shining, the children were happy and I had proved to myself that I am an intrepid explorer who is capable of anything!! 

Tomorrows adventure awaits! House hunting with the children! Oh goodness can you imagine!?!? 

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