Follow The Yellow Brick Road!

What a busy weekend we have had! So busy that it’s taken me two days to get over it! Think we covered about 20k on foot! 

The weekends are such a treat! We’re all together and we get a whole two days to do our own thing! On Saturday we really made the most of the beautiful weather and we went to the Saturday market at the ‘entertainment quarter’ and centennial park.


It was two bus rides (imagine) but totally worth it. (


It was full of foodie delights! The scent of garlic prawns, and paella wafting over us as we sat watching the children on the bouncy castles was too much! If only it had been lunchtime. Not that I think there is ever an inappropriate time to eat garlic prawns! There were rows of stalls run by really enthusiastic local producers. Fruit and veg, meats, nuts and seeds, coffee and cakes, breads, and a bagel stall! I must have walked past these guys about 8 times! Looking, smelling, drooling… I had to resist the temptation this time, but one day soon I will be sinking my teeth into a babka! (Nutella&hazelnut)

The markets here are like our farmers markets back home but supercharged! There is such a mix of flavours, you can travel the world just tasting what’s on offer! The children were happy to be entertained too! There were donkeys, bouncy castles, live music, and even a huge paddling pool with those terrifying water zorbing things! All in all a great start to our weekend! We sat and had lunch while Monty slept (oh I am loving the buggy this week) and I honestly felt at home! (Cheesy right?)  

 Having never been to Australia before now, I quizzed friends on what I should expect! Well, they were right! It’s relaxed, it’s sunny, it’s geared up for the outdoors, everyone is friendly, oh.. And the TV is crap! Yes you were all right! It all seems a bit too good to be true right now! If any of you are thinking about making the big move DO IT! Do it now or you’ll never know! 

Centennial park was a walk from the market, so we wandered over to see what was there! Oh this is going to sound so annoying (if you’re still reading!) but it was lovely! Huge parkland, horse riding, lakes, walks, pelicans. Then Tim took us into the swampy foresty part. To say there were hundreds of bats would be an understatement!  


All hanging in the trees asleep! Until they decided to wake and fight with each other! Bleugh! I was pushing the buggy along a slippery wooden path doing that “I’m not scared, don’t let the kids see I’m scared” thing! Pushing the branches out of my face, knowing I would be the one with the bloody funnel web spider on my back!!  



Sunday was pretty civilised!  A swim, a workout, a coffee, and a trip to the supermarket filled the morning! Vivid Sydney had started on the Friday and we were itching to get into the city to see the lights! (  


It is still pretty surreal being in Sydney, but this evening was really unbelievable! As soon as the sun set at 1730 the lights began switching on! We sat at darling harbour and watched the lazer and fire show on the water! The air was filled with “oohs and aaaahs” it was wonderful! The children were thrilled to be out in the dark eating ice creams, let alone seeing such an awesome display! We tried to jump on a ferry to get to Circular Quay but it was rammed! Worked in our favour though as we decided to walk the headland! The streets were all lit up and I felt like Dorothy arriving in Oz! Magical! Every corner we turned we came across another beautiful display of lights!  


We grabbed some supper from the organic food truck. We were starving and a huge queue for food is always a good sign!(  

We had veggie nachos with a side order of salty chips, it was yum! These guys stop all over Sydney, you can grab the app and find out where they are each night! They stop in the park by our apartment on a Friday but this was the first taste we have had! We’ll definitely be stopping by soon! 

By 2230 Monty had passed out so we jumped on the train and headed home!  


Even Poppy (who “never gets tired”) was teary and needed a firemans lift home! 

How lucky are we!! 💖 

3 thoughts on “Follow The Yellow Brick Road!

  1. I know I always say it but you and your lovely family are having the time of your life. It is great to see you are settling in with the natives and enjoying all those great foods. See you are now eating all the right foods cheesy nachos Nutella the list is endless and wow what awesome sights you are all seeing. Yes we all miss your smiling faces but we do get to see them on these blogs which is good and you are still close to your near and dear friends you have in Blighty or as you will soon be saying the Pomms from the other side. Keep on going onwards and upwards and do keep yhe blogs going still having these small contacts from the other side of the world make for another interesting day love to all your family from Chris & Alan hope to see another blog soon in your new house wow what an adventure xxx

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