Be gone, before someone drops a house on you! 

We are staying in a beautiful Meriton serviced apartment, we all have our own bedrooms, king size beds, clean linen every day! Pretty luxurious.

 It can’t last forever, so we went house hunting! 

Tim’s company have arranged for a relocation company to help us find somewhere to live and show us some different suburbs!  We filled in questionnaires about what we’d like in an area, what we need in a house etc etc!! The day has arrived! 

Lisa (our lovely Aussie guide) arrived to collect us at 0930. I felt a little sick! Two children, very few snacks, and a day in Lisa’s car! We were handed the itinerary! 

Four houses to view! Joy of joys, I was picturing the gardens, the verandas, the huge open plan kitchens with patio doors to the dining area.. THUMP! That was me coming back to planet earth! 

This is Sydney, and if we want to live within a short commuting distance for Tim we have to sacrifice a lot. 

House number one looks nice right!! WRONG! Apart from the tiny “I couldn’t swing a cockroach let alone a cat” living space, there was a door leading underneath the house through which you could get all the way under to the other side! It was creepy! The sort of hole you see 30 year old women coming out of after 25 years of torture at the hands of a fat Mexican! I could not live there! Drive on Lisa! 

House number 2, the agent didn’t turn up! We’d been in the car over 2 hours and the kids were screechy! We crept round the back to see the garden! It was awesome, huge space split over three levels, sun trap…. and full of dog mess! Where is the man with the black bag and twiggy chop sticks when you need him!!?  NEXT!! 

5 hours in and we were faced with this beauty, which ended up being as dark as a bat cave, with no parking. The agent also told us the 3000 cars lined up outside would pretty much always be there as they were hospital visitors and had two hours free parking. Bloody hospitals!! NEXT!! 

We drove past the beautiful beaches, with the kids tearing their hair out and licking the windows, tourtured by the play parks and pools we were whizzing by! Oh God set me free! 

We got home exhausted!  The children were desperate to go to the park after being strapped in all day, and me, desperate to go to the airport! If I have to live in a cupboard with a balcony I’d rather go home! “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home” was ringing in my head as the tears were streaming down my face! That’s a bit dramatic, truth is I welled up, depressed and tired, then kicked myself up the backside and got on the monkey bars with Poppy!! Get a grip woman!!! We’re in Sydney, the adventure is amazing, and we are going to be so happy, once we find MY perfect house!! 

What will tomorrow bring!? 

One thought on “Be gone, before someone drops a house on you! 

  1. Oh buddy, sounds poop but you are an amazing women and Mummy, stay strong, something will turn up. Much love xxxxx


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