Ngong Ping 360 – Hong Kong

We visited Hong Kong for 5 days last month! We didn’t have a lot of time, but we knew whatever we did, it had to involve a trip to Lantau to have a go on the cable car! We were thrilled we did as this is by far one of the most wonderful tourist attractions in the world!!


Ngong Ping Cable Car is a spectacular 5.7km bi-cable ropeway. It’s the first of it’s kind in Hong Kong, and well worth the easy trip across town to it’s very own train station.

We hardly had to queue with our fast pass (thank goodness as it was so hot), boarded the Crystal Carriage at Tung Chung, and crossed Tung Chung Bay, looking through the glass floor, down toward the water. (This sounds far more scary than it was.) The ride is serene. Gliding up toward North Lantau is spectacular. We had a beautiful clear, hot day, and the views were incredible. This has to be the best view available to tourists in Hong Kong. The 25 minute ride seemed to fly by, (excuse the pun). It was so special to be together in the cabin looking out over the vast South China Sea and the incredible North Lantau Country Park; a far cry from the bustling streets of Hong Kong in the distance. The journey also offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of Ngong Ping Plateau, the international airport, mountainous Lantau Island, and the beautiful Tian Tan Buddha. Before we knew it we had arrived at the top, and were hopping off into the heat of the village and straight to the freezer for ice creams.


Ngong Ping Village

Walking out of the cable car terminal and into the village you feel serenity straight away. The village is set on stunning Lantau Island, and within easy walking distance of  the Cable Car Terminal, Hong Kong Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery. The sun was beating down, I was so glad I had smothered everyone in suncream, and had an umbrella in my bag. The ice creams gave the children a little more energy to get through the village to the attractions so off we went.


“This amazing culturally themed village that connects to Ngong Ping Plaza has been designed and landscaped to reflect the cultural and spiritual integrity of the Ngong Ping area.”

There is plenty to do up here, we spent four hours making the most of what’s on offer. There are plenty of great places to eat and drink, there’s even a Starbucks up there for all you fans. If shopping is your thing, you wont be disappointed. Everyone is catered for, from kids toys, to souvenirs, to camping equipment to very ornate (pricey) chopsticks. Take your wallet!!


Catching the first glimpse of the Big Buddha from the cable car,  sitting majestically next to the Po Lin Monastery on top of Mount Muk Yue was staggering. It’s 34m tall and absolutely can not to be missed. This trip had to be done before it got any hotter so we headed there first! We got to the bottom of the 268 step staircase, it was 38 degrees and really humid, the children were already sweating and groaning, but there was no way we weren’t climbing. Boy we were glad we did. (Even Mr W, who had to carry the children the last few steps!)

‘The imparting fearlessness of the right hand indicates the compassion to save all sentient beings from their sufferings; the ‘fulfilling wishes’ mudra of the left hand, resting on the lap, implies the vow to grant blessing and happiness to all.’

Once at the top, you are not only in amongst hundreds of important Buddhist relics, you are surrounded by the most wonderful, endless views of Lantau and the South China Sea. It really is like no where else on earth! Nothing could possibly beat this view!

Motion 360 – Little Ants Adventure

Once we’d made our way slowly to the bottom of the staircase, sipped a beer in the shade whilst the kids finished their second ice cream of the day, we hot footed it to the air conditioned cinema and watched Little Ants Adventure; a 5D movie about two little ants Xiaoding and Taotao, who are learning to fly. If you get motion sick, this may not be for you, however it is fantastic and would be a shame to miss out. The movement of the chairs, the wind in your hair, water being sprayed in your direction, it feels like you’re really flying through the trees with the little bugs, and the children were hooked! 5D really is terrific!


(You have the choice of seeing Discover Lantau instead if you aren’t with the kids. This 5D film takes you flying over the Big Buddha, underwater swimming with Chinese dolphins and on a magical spaceship adventure.)

Stage 360  – Secrets of the movies revealed

We knew both children would love this show, and we were right. As soon as we saw the costumes on display, the children started ninja kicking each other in the queue! Luckily, the showtimes were incredibly prompt so there wasn’t quite enough time for injuries. The show delivered everything it promised! Real stunts, sword fights and special effects secrets. There were ninjas, fire, awesome flying stunts, and some pretty cool sound effects made by our own stunt woman Poppy! Yes, she got up on stage and had a go at creating the sword fight sound effects! A great show for all the family, in Chinese and English. The theatre is like everywhere in Hong Kong, spotlessly clean, and nice and chilly.

Walking with Buddha

 Another exhibition which we experienced was ‘Walking With Buddha’. The air conditioned theatre was enough of a draw to get us in. The story is told of Siddhartha Gautama, who became Buddha, and his path to enlightenment. Sounds heavy, but it’s a very child friendly cartoon which we all enjoyed. You can read about it here: Walking with Buddha- Experience the Path to Enlightenment



We finished the day with the fantastic drumming performance, a beautiful bowl of noodles and dumplings, and headed home for a cold, cold shower!! Ngong Ping is a must visit for all visitors to Hong Kong!!!

Olivia xx

We visited on the 360 Fun Pass (Book Now)

The Wilson’s would highly recommend this pass for families visiting Ngong Ping. It includes:  Round Trip Cable Car, Motion 360, Stage 360 & Walking With Buddha
ADULT $255 ($290 from 1/9/2017 #)
CHILD*$170 ($180 from 1/9/2017 #)(3-11)
SENIOR▲ (65+) $200 ($220 from1/9/2017 #)
ADULT $325 ($370 from 1/9/2017 #)
CHILD $245 ($260 from 1/9/2017 #)
SENIOR $275 ($300 from 1/9/2017 #)

# Price is applicable for travel date from 1 September 2017.

Prices are shown in Hong Kong dollars (HK$). Infants aged between 0-2 years inclusive are free of charge.

* Child must be accompanied by an adult aged of 15 or above. Ticket holders may be requested to present proof of age.

▲Senior fare is only applicable to Hong Kong residents aged 65 or above. Ticket holders must present their Hong Kong ID card or Hong Kong Senior Citizen Card as proof of age.

Click here for all the details on how to get to the cable car!!!
The Ngong Ping Website is a great place to start planning your trip!

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