Life’s a Circus, Enjoy the Show

Wow! I’m still trying to catch my breath after a morning of “oooohs” and “aaaahs” at the Webers Circus in Miranda. What a way to kill a few hours in the school holidays!

The show started and we were all very excited; the $12 we spent on fairy floss might have had something to do with that!  Ten minutes into the show, the cowgirls were parading round the circle in their teeny shorts and Stetsons and I was thinking it was a bit cheesy, maybe even a little lame, I admit it, I thought they could be doing a little more than posing and cracking their whips.

However when I turned and saw the children’s faces five minutes later, as the cowgirls were writhing up and down the ropes, I quickly changed my mind. They were enthralled, and the show got better and better!!

Webers Wild West Circus had everything a circus should have, and more. The big top was spectacular (and warm), the clown was awesome, he had the kids complete attention. The 51 year old acrobat was, well… a 20 year old until they mentioned her age. She was bendy, glittery and super slinky! (There’s hope for me yet!)

There were dogs doing tricks, Ponies playing games, and lots of incredibly muscly men back flipping, and making us all hold our breath as they did stunts on the wheel of death! The children couldn’t keep their bottoms on their seats, and I think I may have squealed once or twice!

Cody Harrington the world famous juggler came out and amazed everyone with his fire juggling, and his incredible 10 ring pull down trick. This was almost as mind mindbogglingly brilliant as the girl with twenty hula hoops whizzing round her body at break neck speed! It truly was spectacular!


After all the wonder of the morning, I still truly believe the best thing about the circus, isn’t the trapeze, or the clown, it isn’t the acrobats or the clever animals. For me it has to be the team work, the way everyone pulls together to make it all happen. No job is beneath anyone, everyone gets a chance to work and a chance to perform, and no one is left out! This is a great opportunity to show your children just what you can achieve when you all work together!

If you’re in any doubt, be reassured, there are cowgirls for the dads, cowboys for the mums and lots of fun for everyone.

Earnest Hemingway once said “The circus is the only fun you can buy that is good for you!”

Thanks Webers, we had an awesome time.


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