Best of British presents – Balloonatics


It always feels a bit weird walking out, back into normal life after a show like this. When you’re hurled head first into a crazy world of comedy balloon modelling, loud music, and nutty jokes, with an insane sort of Scottish Army Cadet leading the party, I’m not sure you’re ever the same again!

I only had one child to look after at Balloonatics this afternoon, however, she was whipped up into a mad frenzy of giggles which made controlling her and her squeals pretty tricky!  The kids were positively encouraged to shout out…. no….. bellow out answers, and lots got a chance to hop up on stage and give the Kilt wearing Balloon Master a hand. The sound effects were hysterical, the soundtrack was perfectly matched to each gag, and it was obvious everyone LOVED it! This show was particularly brilliant because it had as many gags for the parents as the kids. It was fun for us all; energetic, pretty crazy, a little bit rude, and OMG I think he ate a bogey!

This show was written by Chris Henry to encourage families to get together, enjoy something as one and all make the most of not taking life too seriously. He achieved this today, with bells on!!!! It was the one time I wished I’d had the whole Wilson gang together!

Poppy and I laughed heaps; she shouted, squeaked and jumped up and down far too much for my liking, but we had such a great time. It’s noisy, chaotic, very, very funny, and well worth running to the Exford Hotel to get a seat.

Balloonatics has to be one of the top family shows at the Melbourne Comedy Festival this year! It caters to everyone’s sense of humour; not only that, it takes you on a wonderful, utterly insane journey that you just want to keep travelling.

The Balloonatics Army motto: “You don’t have to be good at something for it to be fun”…. Something we could all do with remembering as we head back into our now somewhat dull lives….


‘Phenomenally funny. ★★★★★’ Huffington Post

‘Can I give 100 out of 100?’  Poppy Wilson, The Balloon Boss, The Wilsons of Oz

‘Undeniably entertaining. ★★★★’ BroadwayBaby (UK)

‘Energetic and friendly.’ Adelaide Advertiser

‘Recommended Show.’ Fringe Review

‘Pitched perfectly.’ Primary Times (UK)


Duration – 60 Mins

Suitable for ages 4+

Sun 9 Apr: 12pm;
Fri 14 Apr – Mon 17 Apr: 12pm;
Fri 21 Apr: 4.30pm;
Sat 22 Apr & Sun 23 Apr: 12pm

Venue – Exford Hotel, 199 Russell St, Melbourne

Full:$15.30 Concession:$10.30 Family ticket:$40.30


Chris Henry is also starring in Ignorance is Chris which is in Melbourne as part of his world tour!! It’s just for the grown ups (yay for us) and has had RAVE reviews, so you don’t want to miss it!!


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