Double decker trains and an Ibis outside Starbucks!! 

First full day in Sydney! What an awesome place! We wasted no time, jumped on the train and went into town! Monty was impressed with the double decker trains, and Poppy was thrilled to be grown up enough to have her own Opal card! (Sydney’s version of an Oyster card). I can see poppy growing up to be a real city girl!

Ten minutes on the train and we had our first sighting of the Opera House, and the harbour bridge! Awesome! Think it’s sinking in now!!   

We must have walked miles and miles today! The sightseeing interspersed with a long visit to the bank and two hours setting up mobile phones in the Vodafone shop! (Who knew you could get your date of birth in your phone number???) It was totally worth it, and meant we could treat ourselves to a yummy lunch! Westfield shopping centre food court (sounds naff but actually pretty cool)  not a burger king in sight! The children went straight to ‘Snag Stand’ where they were serving up the most delicious looking ‘haute dogs’ in brioche buns!( Tim and I resisted the urge to carb overload and went for falafel salad! Oh boy ‘Sabbaba’ ( took me back to my teens in Abu Dhabi.  Their tag line is “middle eastern food that is good for the heart, body and soul”. Well it made me feel good anyway!  

The weather is looking pretty shocking today but we’re going to borrow a brolly and brave the Taylor Square Market! I am super excited to get my hands on some Aussie organic produce and eat my own weight in tasters! (

Right, better get myself on the cross trainer! 

4 thoughts on “Double decker trains and an Ibis outside Starbucks!! 

  1. Looks like you had a great day exploring…. hope the weather gets better soon.. sounds like you all having fun though xx


  2. Glad you are settling in to the Aussie way of life, and the children are getting into it also. Looks like you are now all set for the future and the place you are staying looks awesome too. When does Tim start in his new job and all the very best to him when he does.


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