We must be over the rainbow!

I guess when you live in a city like Sydney, the shopping is going to be great! There are all kinds of delicious delights, shiny magpie enticing stores, and plenty of caffeine fuel stops!! 

While we were child free at the weekend, Tim and I had a good wander and came across some awesome little places! One of which was Saint Honore cake shop. They sold all sorts of terrifying looking Asian cakes and rolls but we managed to hunt out these flaky, curry filled pies that were just too delicious to leave in the bag! 

(I also loved that the owner was called Larry Leung! Sounded like the name of a body part in a kids first aid activity sheet).

We stumbled across Market City, which sold all kinds of tat! Fake handbags, ‘I love Australia’ t shirts of any colour, koala toys, fishnet stockings, sexy underwear, boomerangs! You name it, they had it! After I had dragged myself away from the sparkly leather hot pant stall, we turned the corner to find Paddys market, a huge fruit and veg market with a wonderful looking fish and meat market alongside!  


They also had some awesome spice stalls, just like something out of a Middle Eastern souk! The smell was divine!  

Shopping in the supermarket here isn’t as expensive as I thought, although I was amazed to see just how much cheaper and what seemed to be fresher the produce was here!  

 Mmmmm the dried fruit and nut stalls were so reasonable! They sold Honey and seed bars which were far too delicious to be good for you!

After we had munched our way to the exit we headed for Westfield shopping centre which is the main mall they have here! They seem to have them all over the place! Like any shopping mall there are all kinds of shops ranging from stationary to high end designer clothes and jewellery! A mall is a mall where ever you are! I didn’t recognise too many of the brands but there were the usual suspects! Pandora, Vodafone etc. We got the elevator up to level 4 and grabbed some lunch (obviously). Being the adventurous type we went for Sababba again (Sababba.com.au) as we love those middle Eastern flavours and the falafel are amazing! Cooked to order so piping hot! 

While walking back to the harbour we stumbled across  this beauty! And I mean beauty! The floor was tiled with those beautiful terracotta Victorian tiles, and all the shop windows promised delight inside! 

There were hats, cosmetics, spices, a wonderful chocolatier!  


This was more like it! I must be able to find something to buy in here! 

Ah, yes here we go!  


I thought this shop was selling Grown Alchemist products (http://www.grownalchemist.com), but no! This was Aesop! Almost as awesome but not organic! They sell beauty products in delightfully simple packaging, row after row of brown glass bottles with sweet smelling potions. Check them out at Aesop.com their website is stylish and makes me want to shop. 


Managed to find a super stocking filler too!  


All this shopping was a great excuse to head to Circular Quay and have a well deserved glass of prosecco in the sunshine at Opera Bar! (Operabar.com.au) If you ever find yourself in Sydney and fancy a glass of something, this is the place to come! It’s stylish, the bistro style food looks delish and the scenery is breathtaking (I don’t think anyone could get bored of the view).  


Time to jump on the ferry and meet the kids! Back to reality after a grown up day! Lush! 

3 thoughts on “We must be over the rainbow!

  1. Ahhhhhhh thanks for taking me on a guided tour of Sydney, it felt so real I almost reached into my pocket for my bank card so I could purchase an Aesop treat 😜 where are we going next?! xxx

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  2. Once again excellent blog, must say I am glad I didn’t have to do the shopping trip but did enjoy all the eateries you went too. Looks absolutely amazing place hope you find as many friends there as you have here which I know you will as both of you and the children are a pleasure to have known in the short time we knew you. Keep the blog going as it is great to see all the great places you have visited. All the very best Alan & Chris

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  3. I’m loving this blog you have given more detail in one week than I have in 5.5 years!!
    Must take you to the true parts of Sydney away from the obvious delights although they are allfabulous and tempting!! X

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