Put em up, put em up!!! 

We’ve nearly completed week 2 in the house! I say ‘the’ house as it doesn’t feel like home yet! If anything, it feels a little depressing! Not because we don’t like it, or it’s not nice, it’s just cold and empty with the bare minimum furnishings! We had been told our beloved belongings would arrive tomorrow, which has now been delayed by a week! “A week? Only a week?” I hear you say!!! Honestly, I wept, in fact I think I may have been heard sobbing to myself! Ok, I know there are worse things happening in the world, but right now, 10,000 miles from home, with no curtains, and only 3 pairs of shoes, this is BAD news!  The kids are missing their teddies, Tim is missing all our photographs on the walls, and I am missing my Magimix! In fact I am missing all things ‘kitchen’. We have been given 4 plates, 4 bowls, 4 forks etc etc! The three saucepans we have, are exactly that, pans for sauce! Slighty too small to make enough porridge for baby bear, let alone feed Goldilocks too!  So, next Friday, I am crossing my fingers, (feel free to join in) I will be lying on my sofa, wrapped in a wonderfully snugly welsh blanket, sipping warm tea from an Emma Bridgewater mug, whilst flicking through my much missed ‘Domestic goddess’ cookbooks! This doesn’t mean on Saturday morning I will have miraculously turned into Nigella, but bloody hell I will be loving making our home all homely!! 


Apart from the moment sobbing about the furniture, we have had a pretty good week! Poppy has settled in petty well at school, although she is “hating” having to play the recorder! To be honest, I am hating her playing the recorder! (I knew those earplugs from the plane would be a winner). She is playing lots of sports, getting lots of homework, and she seems pretty cool about the whole thing! So, that’s a weight off my mind!  

Monty and I spend our days pottering about at home, playing at the maccas play area, and food shopping! 

 Monty had his second swimming lesson this week! After much whingeing and screaming, “I dont like the black lady, I don’t like the black lady” (referring to the colour of the teachers hat last week )  over and over again, I managed to bribe him with a new digger and he got into the pool! I am pretty sure everyone in Fitness First thinks he is a massive racist! I didn’t have time to explain! 

So it’s Thursday, which is library day for us! We are off to get some books, have a play and then it’ll be time for a nap! Walking Pops to school is wearing Monty out! Yippee! Two hours peace in the afternoon is bliss! Almost makes me want another! Oh, no hold on, not when this is in our doorstep!  


Or maybe that would help! 

6 thoughts on “Put em up, put em up!!! 

  1. We are so sorry to hear your furniture has not arrived even though it is in the country, that is gutting it must be a right pain not having your stuff around you hopefully not much longer Olivia. We hope that once that all arrives it will make it much more homely Monty looks as if he is enjoying the swimming and Poppy she will soon be playing the digiridoo after learning to play the recorder, glad she is enjoying the school that must be a huge relief for you. Hope it won’t be much longer before you feel more at home and still keeping in contact with all those far away via Skype must help a little and I would think very soon Mum & Dad will be out to see how you are all getting on plus your brother & sister in law you won’t know yourself then will close now hopefully the next comments will be be that all your furniture has arrived and now in a homely position keep going Nigella all the very best Alan & Chris xxxxxx

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      1. Thanks for that Olivia hope you don’t think we are being over the top but you really do make your blogs interesting and enjoyable to read you are a very intrepid family and we really wish you well have a really great day week month years you all deserve it love from Chris & Alan xxxxxx

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  2. Oh buddy, my fingers are firmly crossed for you. There are worse things going on but it doesn’t make how your feeling any less painful. It must be incredibly hard but your doing amazingly well and you should be proud as many people couldn’t do what your doing, me for one. Stay strong and keep smiling. Loves you foxy xxxxx

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