……and I’m feeeeeling good!! 

Hey! Sorry for the massive delay in posting! As life gets back to some kind of normality I seem to have a lot less time to sit and type away! Sounds lame I know!  I don’t “work” but I seem to do a heck of a lot of other time consuming stuff!! I’ve given up counting how many days/ weeks we have been here now! To be fair, I’m not even sure what day it is most of the time! I took Monty to the dr last night, and I had to ask what date it was, followed by  “…um month?” (Wierd look from receptionist) then I whispered “year??” I think he felt sorry for me; or maybe his tilted head and blank expression was simply because he was reaching under the desk for the panic alarm!!!  I’m not sure if I can blame the infamous “baby brain” now that my boy is 3, but there is definitely something going on or not going on up there! 

So last week I made a pretty good purchase! I have always been great at spending money, but this was different, this was money well spent!! I purchased a Nutri Bullet!  

This little beauty can whizz up all kinds of beautiful into a juice that will make you feel great! Ok, so it hasn’t had any impact on my memory, but I feel bouncy and full of energy! My skin is glowing (if I do say so myself) and my eyes are brighter! As a family we are pretty good at getting our 10 a day! We have a very healthy diet to be honest! Lots of nuts, vegetables, fruit etc! Nothing processed! The Nutri bullet was just another way to get all our vitamins and nutrients! I honestly feel like I might turn green and bust out of my clothes like the Hulk when I have downed my kale and pear juice in the morning!  

It’s not everyone’s idea of a yummy start to the day, but since I turned around my diet, I cannot go back! I’ve seen first hand what damage you can do to yourself when you aren’t paying attention to what’s in your food! 

So now that the infomercial is out of the way I’ll tell you about our week! Pops is back at school! Phew! Two weeks in to term 2? 3? (Whatever) and I think she is ready for another holiday!  She is still loving school, although she is desperately missing her buddies back home this week! Skype is a wonderful thing! Poppy loves using Skype to keep in touch! Although it’s not the same as a “proper play date mum!”

 Poppy seems to have had a month long birthday! We are still receiving gifts and cards three weeks on! How lucky is she!  Honestly I don’t know when this girl grew up so much, she amazes me!  

Monty and I have been hanging out, swimming, playing in the park, seeing our buddies!  

I can’t get him into a nursery yet as the waiting lists are pretty immense! So, I have joined the gym, which has a Creche! Unfortunately I have to be in the building while he is in the creche, so I can’t run off to have my nails done, but I do get 90 minutes to work out; after which I can shower in peace with no one joining me and peeing on my leg!! Sometimes it’s the little things!  

Well, it’s Friday (I think…I hope) and we have a great weekend planned! We are off to Symbio Zoo (http://symbiozoo.com.au) to hopefully feed some kangaroos! I am praying Monty doesn’t decide to hide a joey in his pocket, but you just never know with that boy!!! 

Have an awesome weekend folks! 

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life! Tip toe if you must, but take the step! 


One thought on “……and I’m feeeeeling good!! 

  1. you are truly embracing the ozzie lifestyle running at 5.0 clock in the morning healthy eating and those breakfasts don’t look like you used to have in Yeovil. You are putting us all to shame, but seriously you are really doing well down under and seem to be enjoying the Australian way of life no whinging poms there which is great and the children seem settled how is Tims job going is he enjoying it, or does he miss the coldness of Poole .


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