No rain, no rainbow! 

Wow!  What a couple of weeks! We have had parties, play dates, end of term celebrations, more fairy bread and party pies than you can shake a stick at!  

 That added to all the beers, red wine and crisps, has pushed me head first back into another whole30!! So I am 2 days into it and I am too busy to miss the 11am spoonful of Nutella!

Last week saw the end of term 3 for Poppy! Can’t believe how time is flying! She gets to wear her summer uniform after the holidays, which she is thrilled about (me even more so!).

To celebrate our last day alone before the holidays Monty and I went for a scoot in Cronulla!  We like to race each other! This…..

 Soon turned into this…

Yup, mum of the year award goes to this Pratt who let her three year old scoot a million miles an hour down a hill with no helmet! In typical Wilson drama style, Monty was in and out of concouisnes in the back of the car, so I pulled over, lay him on the pavement and screamed for someone to call me an ambulance! He gave me the shock of my life! Two policemen walked over to check on us, “ah buddy, you hurt your noggin?”….. (Not sure if Monty was confused by the word noggin or out of it?)… “Can you point to where it hurts on your noggin?” No response! Beautiful, tanned, teeny short wearing goddess rang the ambulance for me! I was sweaty, frightened, scruffy and unaware of the black mascara smudged down my face! Damn, I bet she looks perfect even during a drama! So, paramedics arrive, tall….tanned….handsome…cool shades… Since when do paramedics look like they just stepped out of a magazine shoot!!?  “hey buddy! How you going?” (I still don’t get the “how you going” thing!?!?) No response from my boy! “Have you bumped your noggin?” No response! Off we go, me in my trackies (which Tim later tells me are see through!Cringe!) and Monty strapped into the bed with his sore noggin!

In true Monty style we were wheeled into the emergency department, still dazed and confused, asking for a bag of crisps! Two hours  later, having eaten a kit Kat and his crisps, we were discharged with concussion and told to buy a helmet! Didn’t want to say we have one, just left it in the garage!! Safe to say it is now taped to his head before he even looks at his scooter! Bloody kids!

So what do you do when your kid has concussion? You go to your mates house for a last minute party! It was messy! It ended about 9pm with four rather merry adults running around the street in gardening gloves trying to move a birds nest out of a kumquat tree while being pecked at my some mean assed perky birds! The adult birds were swooping anyone who went near the nest so we moved it into the neighbours front garden to save our friends being attacked every time they left the house! Lucky neighbours! Pretty sure it is the same bird that emptied its bladder all over my back a few weeks back!!

Our weekend was pretty quiet after all the excitement  of Friday!  Poppy and I went for a manicure! She loved it! Although she had picked all the varnish off by bedtime!

Unfortunately as I am typing away my poor girl is lying next to me asleep! She has pneumonia and is pretty poorly! She is not a happy bunny! I think this is one of the hardest things about being away from home! The comfort of home! The comfort of family support, of knowing where the hospital is, who to call in an emergency! Who knows which dr you can use with your health cover??!? It’s pretty confusing, even when you don’t have Monty trying to kick the young lady’s sick bucket over, or throwing his captain America shield around the waiting room! (What sort of moron moves abroad just as the free childcare vouchers kick in?) Anyway, she’s had her X-ray, she’s on antibiotics and Monty’s still trying my patience!

Summer is on its way! Hip hip hooray!


2 thoughts on “No rain, no rainbow! 

  1. looks good your blog, see you are still doing lots. Children look as if enjoying the sunshine and parties, Poppy looks so grown up in her new summer uniform and also getting all her nails done you are spoiling them, Monty looks as if he is enjoying your time with him, my cousins are out there at the moment and then off to canada hope you got your new house sorted and settled again does that mean you have to ay all your removal costs again ????


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