The countdown begins!! 

Wow it’s the first day of summer! Finally! Our first Aussie summer is here! Everyone has said “just you wait for summer!” Now it’s here and I am delighted!  This also means it’s the 1st of December and the advent calendars were ripped open with great gusto this morning! Ever since 730 when Monty opened door number one, he has been asking “when is it Christmas mummy?” And “I just need to know, when is it actually the real Christmas?” These questions along with “can you just tell me what are MY decorations on the tree” are starting to wear a little thin! Here’s to the next 24 days!

We have been super busy the past few weeks! We have been to pantomime at David Jones department store in the city! It was pretty tame! No saucy Dame, just Ben and Holly and a Thomas the tank engine who had some sort of eye malfunction!

 We have also visited Canberra which was awesome! Someone told Tim it’s a very quiet city! Understatement! Almost like a ghost town! A modern, funky ghost town! It was green, spacious and had a great selection of coffee shops which is always a bonus! We left home at 6am and travelled to Canberra via Goulburn! I am sure there is loads to see and do in Goulburn but in typical tourist fashion, we only stopped to see the Big Merino!

This beast is hollow inside and you can climb to the top and peep out of its eyes! A little odd! The children found the Big Merinos private parts round the back the highlight of the day!

We left the gift shop, via the Sheeps back passage, with about $50 worth of stuff, including a pot of goo (Monty’s choice) which we soon discovered made “fart” noises! Safe to say this was highlight number two! The children in fits of giggles…… silence…..fart noise…..fits of giggles!! To be fair, Tim and I also, childishly giggled our socks off!!

 If anyone is thinking of visiting Canberra, you have to visit the Australian war memorial!! The staff are super knowledgeable and helpful, the grounds are beautiful, and there is an awesome exhibit for the children! Tim and I want to visit again so we have more time to visit all the different exhibits, there is so much to see and read about!

We also managed to squeeze in the Telstra Tower ( It has the most spectacular 360 degree views of Canberra from the top! I would love to insert a family photo here, but the elderly man who was adamant he had taken “quite a few” with our camera, had in fact switched it off! Another good excuse to go back for the week end!

We visited the Australian Mint where the children made their own coins! They were very excited about that!

After the mint, we gave in to Monty’s demands and headed for the dinosaur museum! A cute little cottage full of plastic dinosaurs, fossils, and touchy, feely exhibits.

It’s not quite the natural history museum but the children liked it, and that’s all that matters!

After a long busy day we headed back to Sydney in search of a watering hole! Fart goo at the ready, we headed into The Surveyor General at Berrima! This pub claims the title of Australia’s oldest continuously licensed Inn. Established 1834, licensed from 1835. A sweet country style pub, that just wasn’t ready for Monty’s goo noises! We downed our wine in between our schoolgirl giggles, and left the diners to enjoy their meals in peace!

It’s now the 16th December! It’s taken me weeks to get this post finished! Poppy’s home from her last day of term, Christmas is around the corner! Tuesday sees the arrival of our dear dear friends and it can’t come soon enough!

It may be a while before I blog again, what with visitors, Christmas partying, childish behaviour etc etc, so, Happy Christmas to you all! I hope you get everything you have wished for! We will be throwing some shrimps on the barbie (honestly) on Christmas Day, thinking fondly of you all at home! We love and miss you!! Xxx

4 thoughts on “The countdown begins!! 

  1. Excellent blog glad to see you are all settled in, you are doing so much with your life down there. Have a really great Christmas and new year, and glad you have some of your English mates with you over Christmas and new year. Once again the intrepid Wilson family go into the wide blue yonder…..


  2. Do love reading these blogs about your travels and they always make me smile, although sometimes a little sad too as I miss not having you here. I hope you have an amazing time when Sarah comes to visit, and I told her to give you a massive hug from me. Love you loads buddy and Merry Christmas to you all xxx 😙 xxx 🎄

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