‘The Brickman – Wonders of the World’ at The Melbourne Museum!! It’s better than amazing!!

We’re here!!

So, The Wilson’s made it to the Melbourne Museum yesterday for the much anticipated opening of the biggest ever exhibition made entirely out of LEGO® bricks.  We were so excited to finally be at ‘The Brickman Wonders of The World‘…. The children were taken aback when they walked in. They literally didn’t know where to go first! Monty almost dived head first into the trough of LEGO® surrounding the beautiful Great Barrier Reef sculpture. Poppy ran straight in, desperately searching for the Eddie the Explorer mini figures hidden around the exhibition! Yay, she assured me she found 21!!

If ever there was a show to inspire creativity in kids, and really push them to go even further than they ever have before, then this is it! Ryan and his team absolutely blew us all away.

Honestly, it goes beyond words how incredible this is. Mr W was speechless! (Thank you Ryan!!)

There is something for everyone. The team have gone further than just building these awesome wonders of the world, they have told little stories in each one too! They have hidden lots of little mini figures in the sets, Sherlock Holmes makes an appearance, as does Guy Fawkes, and if you look hard enough you might even see Jack and Rose from the Titanic movie!

Ryan McNaught (Australia’s only Lego Certified Professional) told us how he used almost 4 shipping containers full of bricks to create this ‘Wonders of The World’ exhibition. He explained how tricky it is to transport the enormous, delicate, pieces once they are built, and that almost as much work goes into building the crates for transportation of these models as it does to make them. It really is an unbelievable feat of engineering.

Incredibly, it took Ryan and his team of 7 builders, 5,000 hours to finish creating the masterpieces on show, and they really will blow your mind.  How many times have you complained that building LEGO® with the kids is hurting your fingers, or breaking your nails (it’s surely not just me?)… Imagine the pain of  months and months of full time LEGO® building!!! I know, I know, the dad’s are all super jealous of Ryan’s job!

german couple
Loved this little german couple enjoying a beer together!

Mum’s and Dad’s, you’re going to have to brace yourselves as your little LEGO® fanatics are taken aback by what they see. This really is like nothing they (or you) have ever witnessed before. Everyone gets a chance to build their own sculpture, and Instagram it for a prize! Mine was hideous, and not worth the Instagram, Monty’s was awesome of course! Don’t be disheartened if  The Brickman completely ruins everything you have ever built for your children, and please be aware that nothing you ever build again will live up to this LEGO® wizardry.



Brickman ‘Wonders of the World’ at The Melbourne Museum opened yesterday, just in time for the Easter School Holidays. There’s no excuse to miss out. Honestly, this is a show that will earn you enormous parent points, and will excite and amaze the children at the same time. Interactive, immersive, and bloody brilliant! As always, the staff at the Melbourne Museum are friendly, helpful, super informative and really make an effort to make your experience the best it can be! There must have also been some LEGO® fairies watching over us all, as there was not one piece of LEGO® on the floor waiting for an unsuspecting mum to stand on….

we dont wanna go
Time’s up guys, time to go!!

“It was good! No, it was really good”Monty Wilson – Head LEGO® Man – The Wilsons of Oz

“I am AMAAAAAZED”Poppy Wilson- Super Girly LEGO® Fan – The Wilsons of Oz

“Oh my goodness. It’s incredible” Mr Wilson – Dad-tastic LEGO® Builder – The Wilsons of Oz


Venue: Melbourne Museum (How to get here)

Dates: 1 April – 7 May 2017 (Open daily)

 Book tickets here


Watch this video of the exhibition in the making:



You cannot miss the shop on the way out!! The gang from Bricks To The World (LEGO® online retailer of the year) are there, selling all kinds of LEGO® imaginable. Once you have been through the exhibition you will not be able to resist what they have on offer. Just take a deep breath and hand over your credit card, the kids will love you that little bit more than they already do! Hey, LEGO® created a lot of love in our house yesterday, even though Mr W was building some sort of motorbike thing at the dinner table, instead of drinking his wine! If you happen to miss the shop (physically impossible, but I know some of you will try) you can head over to the website and order on there!!

“Nothing like this exhibition has ever been seen before, every model is brand new and way more detailed than anything I’ve ever created-  Ryan McNaught.


(P.S I have put only a few of my hundreds of photos on here so as not to ruin the experience!!)

Mrs W’s creation!

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