Living the dream at the Melbourne Cricket Ground!

Fresh back from an incredible day the the MCG; I am exhausted, and yay for me, so are the kids.

I know it’s probably making you all sick hearing this but…… we are so lucky to be here in Melbourne, and today just proved that even more to me!! How many cities in the world that can boast having an incredible stadium, within walking distance of the city centre, that can hold an whopping 100,000 + crowd? The MCG is the 10th largest stadium in the world and now I know why my dad is just one of thousands of cricket fan’s, desperate to get tickets for the Boxing Day test match this year! It’s any cricket fan’s dream, young or old, and today, the Wilson’s got to see why!

We went to the MGC to join in with the Easter Holiday ‘My Match Day Experience‘ and have a crack at the ‘Drawing a Laugh’, cartoon drawing with the Aussie legend Mark Knight!

We were greeted by Robyn, a volunteer at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, who was so full of facts it was quite spectacular; she needs to get herself on TV I think! Robyn walked us from the lobby, all the way round the stadium, and down into the depths of the MCG. It felt pretty special to be allowed in places that only players at the top of their game get to go to. We were met in the locker room by two Collingwood players Steph Chiocci & James Aish. In typical Wilson fashion, we had googled, asked some friends and tried our best to research AFL and AFLW, but we are still pretty much blank when it comes to the rules! I must say, seeing the reactions of the other people on the tour made us realise how famous these two were, and how special it was to be here in the locker room with them. We are adamant we’re going to get into AFL/W; you can’t live in Melbourne and not have a team or go to matches…. It’s like living in America and never going to a baseball game.  I was flabbergasted when both Poppy & Monty came up with a proper team when asked who they support! It befuddles me how Aussie they’re becoming…

Steph and James showed us exactly what it’s like for them on match day. We got to experience the atmosphere in the locker rooms, feel the freezing water in the cold bath, lie on the massage beds, sit in the press room, have a kick about, and then we walked up the ramp onto the pitch. Wow! We even sat on the subs bench pitch side. (I’m sure the bench has another name?)

What an incredible experience, not only for the kids but for me too. The MCG is just the most wonderful stadium. We saw the ‘Big Bash’ there on New Years day, and the atmosphere was like nothing I have ever experienced. It was just amazing to be in there today, right in the thick of it, underneath the field, where it all happens before and after the huge games, and where so many famous sports people have played, week in week out.

Once the tour had finished, and we’d got as many selfies and autographs as we could, we got chance to experience the other great things the MCG has to offer this Easter.

We took part in the ‘Try your hand at Drawing a Laugh!’

We were taught to draw cartoons by the seriously talented, and super nice cartoonist Mark Knight.  Honestly, I am hopeless when it comes to drawing, but he was so careful to explain each step, that even my picture was obviously a cat… That’s pretty incredible! Although Monty let me down by screeching out “that looks like a dog!!!” Honestly, it didn’t!! The children loved being able to interact with Mark, and learn from his oodles of talent.

The National Sports Museum was next on the list. It boasts Australia’s largest collection of sporting memorabilia.  I don’t know too much about sport, but it was fascinating to hear volunteer Barbara’s stories about past players, and all of the wonderful treasures that were on display! The volunteers are so informative, and really enthusiastic too. Barbara made a point of showing the children the huge Penny Farthing hiding in the corner of one of the rooms, which we would have missed, as Monty was running from cricket bat, to ball, to stumps, and back again…. The running around didn’t stop him spotting a signed cricket bat, and angrily reminding me how I had made him miss out on the one he bid for at a local silent auction.. Terrible mother right here!!!

The ‘Game On’ section of the museum had to be the favourite for my two. Why? Because it’s where they were encouraged to get physical. They got to play soccer against a virtual team, play netball against each other, cycle against the clock, kick a footie ball over some virtual posts and have a go at archery. There was so much for them to do, it’s going to need a second trip! I had to tear them away, sweaty, worn out, but still wanting to play.

I honestly never knew the MCG had so much more than the pitch and the pie shop! (Look, I never miss a pie shop!) I can’t recommend it enough! Whatever your age, whether you’re a local, a tourist, an expat, even if you’re not so sporty, there is no way you should miss out on a trip to the “G”.

Parents, book some activities for the kids this Easter Holidays (3rd-9th) and celebrate all things sport at the MCG!  I promise they will be thrilled, and you will thank me when they’re worn out at 7pm, and you’re drinking your wine, alone, with your feet up, and a couple of cucumber slices over your eyes!

Live your dreams, not someone else’s – Unknown


Tickets and prices – Click here!

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Operating Hours – Click here!

Not sure how to get to there? – Click here!

So you want tickets for the Ashes? Here’s the link to the latest update on ticket sales!

The MCG is more than just a sports venue. It’s a place where memories are made and childhood dreams come alive. There are fleeting moments at the ‘G that stay with you forever.

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