Wallace & Gromit and Friends – ACMI

We had a pretty crazy weekend last week, full of kids birthday parties, blue lollies, fizzy drinks, popping candy (I know!!!!) and, shock horror a few disastrous tantrums..*Need to convince my folks to move to Australia and take over!!

We did however manage to have a few serene and pretty special hours in ACMI visiting the Wallace & Gromit and Friends exhibition. 

We’ve been meaning to get right into this for a while now, but just haven’t had the chance! I am so thrilled we haven’t missed out. With more than 350 objects on show from sketches, to clay models, to the actual sets from some of the movies, it really is an incredible view behind the scenes of all things Aardman. It is breathtaking to see just how much work, and detail goes in to making these intricate models which become such beloved characters when animated. To see them close up is marvellous. I could see the children were fascinated from the moment we walked in.

In amongst the jaw dropping 50 sets, stands the 5 metre tall ship from The Pirates! Band of Misfits. You really have to see it to believe it! The children loved the Shaun the Sheep sets, and loved seeing “Fowlers” hut from the movie ‘Chicken Run’. Every little detail has been thought about, which is astounding. The wallpaper in Wallace’s house, the clothes on Mrs Tottington, the bra hanging from the pirate ship’s washing line!!  This is every kids dream, and enthralling for any older animation fans too!

Mr W was walking round with his mouth wide open…. Not a pretty sight, but at least he was enjoying himself. In fact, I think he may now be a super fan, especially as he has revealed he is related to the VERY FAMOUS, SUPER TALENTED Peter Lord!! *Oh now you tell me!!


Once we’d finished watching clips, checking out the sets and the little characters inside, and looking at the many sketches, we headed in to the studio to make our own animation! Our kids love this!! They both took their time and carefully made “Splodges,” and the animation they produced, by themselves, was immense!!  Tip: Make sure you receive your emailed movie before you leave the table! It’s such a shame to get home and find out it hasn’t sent! *Bad mother award…. 

This exhibition makes me feel proud (and warm and fuzzy) to be British! The incredible work straight out of Bristol which has entertained kids and adults alike for 40 years, is here in ‘Marvellous Melbourne’, so get on it!!!

Location: ACMI, Fed Square Running until Oct. 29 Daily: 10am-5pm Tickets: $19 to $24 

What else is on??


Free Family Sunday

ACMI Family Sundays are free monthly activity days, each with a different theme. A reliable source of family entertainment and learning, ACMI Family Sundays combines hands on activities, performance and interactive displays with celebration and learning around the moving image.


Let the power of your imagination take you on a journey to a world of wonder through storytelling!

Everyone has a story to tell, and ACMI’s Smart Stories Family Sunday is the chance to tell yours. Families can hear from the experts with chances to meet and greet award-winning children’s authors and illustrators on the ACMI Lightwell stage.

Audiences can learn to generate their own choose-your-own adventure narrative with Twine, and write and animate their own simple storybook adventure with hand-drawn images and iPads. The kids can discover their inner monster with ACMI’s fun and interactive storytelling sessions.

ACMI will have a craft your own comic book or graphic novel creation corner, and families can also expect to play a range of narrative based video games in ACMI’s Games Lab.

Location: ACMI, Federation Square, Flinders St, Melbourne
Date: First Sunday of every month
Cost: FREE


A range of animation, film making, and coding workshops for your little darlings! You have to check it out!

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