Shhhhh… These are our favourites for Christmas!!

Hurrah, I’m back. I bet you thought I’d been eaten by an enormous Great White Shark or something didn’t you! No, no such luck! I have been well and truly burying my head in the sand pretending that we’re not a few weeks, days, minutes away from CHRISTMAS!!

It’s pretty easy to forget that the big day is fast approaching when it’s 36 degrees and you’re wrestling two sand monsters on the beach! *Why the heck is suncream so sticky??

I’m back to let you in on a secret! I want to tell you about our Christmas bundle that’s quietly hiding away in the… Oh… I won’t tell you the hiding place, just in case you really can’t keep a secret.

Like most parents at this time of year, I have a secret stash of gifts for the children. The thought of these gifts being discovered is making me more nervous than a baby Kangaroo in my headlights.  I want to share these gifts with you, (not literally, don’t get too excited) just in case you were looking for some last minute ideas! ** Do not message me to tell me you have finished your Christmas shopping….

Shopping Frenzy – Courtesy of Daily Mail (This will be me on Saturday, maybe less hairspray!)

I’d love to be one of those parents who buys each child one gift, then donates a heap of money to a local charity. I’d also love to be one of those families that doesn’t do gifts at all, they just go out and ‘gift’ their time at a local refuge. However, I am ashamed to admit, we are ALL OVER CHRISTMAS in this house, and every year I find myself cringing as the kids race through their stockings, run (and I mean Usain Bolt style) down the stairs to spend 40 seconds destroying the wrapping paper. They frantically tear at about 50 gifts, only to come up for air and ask “Is that it?”….. Yes, that’s Christmas in the Wilson House, and many others too I should imagine!

So, I bet you’re really excited to find out what my little, ungrateful wretches are getting this year…! I’ve researched well and found some awesome gifts.


I always try and find a game we can all enjoy! Whether it’s the kids on their own whilst we snooze; all together as a family or even the adults after a few too many Sherry’s. It has to be straight forward, fun and have longevity!! This is the game!! I love that you can take this anywhere with you, even to the beach! Yay for Summer…

‘The magnetic gameplay of Klask is unique, fun and like no other game out there! Klask will entertain all players from the youngsters to the old folks. The player is in charge of the magnets from under the table. Both players try to score while trying to avoid the white barrier magnets in the middle of the game field’

Klask RRP $69.95 Available online and in-store at all leading independent toy retailers 


In Monty’s little world, Poo is King, and it seems to me that poo is no longer taboo. This hilarious game advertises itself as ‘The Game Where #2 Always Wins!’ Joy!!

Poopyhead – RRP $24.95

Aim of the game: All players play their cards on to the centre pile, keeping them in the proper order: toilet – poo – paper – wash hands. Once a player gets stuck and can’t play a new card, he or she pushes the Whoopie Cushion – and the player with the most cards left gets crowned with a Poo! At the end, the player with the most poo on his head loses. 2-4 Players, age 6 and up! Sound like your kind of fun? Nope, me neither, but isn’t Christmas all about the kids???

I’m certain the free ‘Whoopie Cushion’ will be the highlight of Christmas here!

Watch Ya Mouth – Throw Down Edition (Click for video)

Have you played ‘Watch Ya Mouth”? Well this is the big brother to that game! It’s all about putting the mouthpiece in, and trying  to say “Warm Beef Meatballs”, or blowing through straws without using your lips… It’s so funny to hear everyone trying to desperately pronounce insane phrases that are practically impossible to say with the mouthpiece in. Nothing bonds like laughter and this is the game to induce hysterics… 

‘THROWDOWN turns strangers into friends, friends into family, and family into fun’ 
Advised for 8 Years and Up, (although Monty (5) loved it too), it takes about 20-40 mins to play a game, and it needs at least 4 players. RRP – $39.95
 You can thank me in the New Year!!

Bo Po Digi-Nail Studio™

I have a daughter who is not very “girly” at all, however, this nail polish that you can put on, then peel off at your leisure has been a huge winner recently! For Christmas, we have decided to go one step further and get the Digi-Nail Studio™. Poppy can download images on to the nail shaped stickers and stick them straight on to her nails. She can then cover them with some sparkles and off to go. When it’s time to take it off, I don’t have to hand over the acetone and hope for the best, she can peel it all off by herself. Win, win, and a great intro into “Girlhood”. Next she’ll be wearing dresses… God forbid!

‘The Bo-Po Digi-Nail Studio™ enables you to design, print, and apply any image right onto your nails and finish it with the included glossy top coat’ 

Digi-Nail Studio Starter pack of 1000 wraps RRP $29.99 (Bo Po Polishes pictured RRP $29.99)

‘Let your fashion flow all the way to your fingertips with custom nail wraps designed by you!’


Don’t worry that’s not all the little darlings will be opening. We will also be throwing a good load of Nerf Guns under the tree, a few hundred chocolate coins, some new undies  and a whole heap of LEGO®. That should keep them relatively busy, whilst Mr W and I relax with our new Mahabis on, an enormous Christmas Ham and a gallon of Sherry! Hiccup!!

Have a wonderful Christmas Folks!


Olivia xx 


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