The Greatest Magic Show- Honestly!

Fresh out of the car, I just had to tell you about The Greatest Magic Show currently playing at The Melba Spiegeltent in Collingwood as part of the Melbourne Magic Festival!
Yes, the name raises your hopes…… for good reason!  My little people were convinced it was the best thing they’d ever seen… Sorry Taylor Swift! Plus, my ringing ears only go to prove that the whole audience agreed with the very fitting title.
The Greatest Magic show is a full hour, jam packed with laughs that make you need a wee, and mind blowing magic tricks. (I’m still trying to work out how they did them!) There are hilarious props, including a pair of my enormous undies (how did they get those?), lots of audience participation, and some ‘death defying juggling’ to keep even the hardest crowd on the edge of their seats.
There’s no denying that Sam & Justin know kids and understand exactly what makes them chuckle. Their jokes, their body language, and the way they move on stage had the entire audience glued and giggling! They even managed a heart warming few minutes assuring the audience that if they believe hard enough, they can be whatever they want to be! *Melt!
The Greatest Magic Show is a must for the winter school holidays. Sam and Justin deserve to sell out every day! They really have created The Greatest Magic Show; just ask any kid who’s seen it! This is a delight from start to finish, regardless of your age!


Make today magical!

Where: Melba Spiegeltent, 35 Johnston St, Collingwood (lots of on street parking locally)

When: Tuesday 2 July to Saturday 13 July 2019 – 12:30pm-1:30pm

Ticket Price: Adult $24.30  Concession: $24.30 Family of 4: $85.04 

Tuesday discount: $16.20 



‘The juggling on the chairs was scary and funny at the same time’– ★★★★★ Monty Wilson, Head of the Fun Department, The Wilsons of Oz  

‘Sam & Justin were the best entertainers…. really funny. ’ ★★★★★ Poppy Wilson, The 11 year old Boss, The Wilsons of Oz

‘Sam and Justin have worked hard to create a show that delivers the kind of laughter we all need in our lives! ★★★★ Olivia Wilson, Chief caffeine consumer, The Wilsons of Oz

‘Quite possibly the Penn &  Teller of Australia!’  ★★★★ GLAM Adelaide


‘Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it’ – Roald Dahl

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