Somewhere over the rainbow! 

So, Friday will mark our 4th month in Australia! Gosh, time really is flying! Someone told us it takes at least 6 months to settle in and start to feel like you’re at home! We are having the best time no matter what! We have more meals out than we should have, the children stay up way beyond bed time most nights, we sightsee, we bbq, and we seem to be making more of the hours in the day than we used to!   

 We have made some super friends here, who have included us like we have been friends for years! We are very, very lucky! Really, to be able to holiday in Australia with the children would be an awesome experience, but to live here, go to school here, holiday here, I honestly thank my lucky stars every day!  

Having said all that, this weekend we have been having long (wine fuelled) chats about what we do in the future! Where do we want to be? What do we want to be doing? What about schooling? What do we want the children to see and do!? So we have made a decision! Drumroll please….. Our four year Australia plan has had a tweek!  (Did I say wine? Oh and beer) 

We have decided, once we have finished here in Sydney, we are going to pack up, ship our things home, and travel!  

 We want to take the children to as many places as we can get to in Australia, and maybe further still! We will have beach days, city days, farm days, and we will make the most out of being together (God help us) and free! Free from all sorts of things that stop people travelling! 


Ok so apart from the children getting on our nerves in the back of the campervan, or Monty getting eaten alive by Mosquitos or Poppy vomiting into our suitcases, or me missing my manicures, what on earth could go wrong?? Ok, don’t answer that!!  

  We aren’t going tomorrow, in fact we aren’t going next year! This is a two year plan, unlike our “shit, you got a job in Australia!!!! Have we got time to say bye to our mums??” 

We are going to list the places we must see, and find out where we can stay in between! We have found a great organisation through which you can work on organic farms even with the children in tow! Check it out!! (

  Not sure we’ll be staying with these two though! 

Agh this is more what we’re after!

( Ok I will be the one wearing gloves, trousers tucked into my socks yelping at the sight of a creepy crawley! Look, I’m going to do my best!)

So now we need your help! We need as many places, experiences, beautiful, must see sunsets/sunrises as you lot can give us! Where have you been in Australia that you think we should put on our list!? How did you get there!? Where did you eat!? What did you eat!? We want to be able to give ourselves and our children an awesome once in a lifetime trip so please give us some pointers! 

I’m going to add our plans, updates and ideas to this blog! We really will be The Wilsons of Oz!  A few months with less of this ……

And more of this…. 

Hans Christien Anderson said “life itself is the most wonderful Fairytale ” and he also said “To travel is to live.” So here goes, let the planning commence! The Wilson’s are going to travel! Who’d have thunk it!!?  


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