Chats with Elmo & The Cookie Monster

It may only be 9am, but the Wilsons got up for a 7am phone chat with none other than Elmo and the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. There’s definitely excitement in the air this morning as we prepare for the 50th Season of Sesame Street which kicks off this Wednesday 15th July at 9.30am on ABCKids.

The kids prepped their questions, Elmo grabbed his snacks, and here’s how it went! *Heart melt



Monty- What’s the best thing about living on Sesame Street?

Cookie Monster: Me love singing songs with Elmo, going to Hooper’s Store with Big Bird, gardening with Abby, and baking in the Foodie Truck with Gonger. 

Elmo: Elmo loves living on Sesame Street. There are so many fun things to do, but Elmo’s FAVOURITE thing to do is sing songs with Elmo’s friends. On Sesame Street we sing songs about letters, numbers, fruits, vegetables and even Snuffleupagus’.

Poppy- Who has been the funniest celebrity you have met? 

Cookie Monster: The funniest? Oh boy, so many famous people coming to Sesame Street lately! Not sure who the funniest but they all fun. We had Joseph Gordon-Levitt Chrissy Teigen, Charlie Puth, Meghan Trainor, Misty Copeland, Elvis Costello, and Dave Grohl… yeah, they all came for a nice visit.

Me played new game with Chrissy Teigen called “Name that Fruit,” where Chrissy had to guess the fruit’s first names. Like Abe Apple or Breanna Banana. It pretty fun. chrissy-teigen-2-c-sesame-workshop-richard-termine

Poppy – We love all the music in Sesame Street, do you have a favourite song? 

Elmo: Elmo’s favourite song is called ‘Elmo’s Song.’ La la la la, La la la la, Elmo’s song…

Poppy – Did you like Australia when you came here to visit?

Elmo: Elmo loves visiting Australia, especially the beaches to put his furry toes in the sand. Elmo swam with a dolphin when Elmo was last in Australia. That was so cool. Next time Elmo visits Australia, Elmo wants to learn how to surf! Elmo wants to try “catching a wave” and “hang ten,” baby! 

Cookie Monster: Me did a foodie truck tour of Sydney–that was definitely a highlight! We tried a toastie, pizza, tacos, and finally a chocolate mint cookie for a delicious dessert! Me have fond memories of the sights, sounds, smells and cookies of Australia. You call them biscuits, right? Oh, me getting hungry.

Monty – What have you been doing to keep busy while staying at home on Sesame Street?

Elmo: Elmo’s Daddy set up video chat so Elmo can have virtual playdates and sing-a-longs with his friends. Elmo has also been doing Grovercise with Grover– that’s when Grover teaches you exercises. He falls down a lot. And Elmo’s also been learning mindfulness activities. Yeah, like belly breathing and how to calm down before bedtime. the-great-sesame-cake-off-1-c-richard-termine (1)

Cookie Monster: Me organising snack chats with me friends, making healthy snacks and trying new foods like hummus.

All me friends on Sesame Street been giving me recipes. Big Bird shared his Granny Bird’s sunflower seed cookie recipe, Chef Gonger gave me banana bread recipe, and Oscar gave me recipe for grouch goulash…. me not sure me gonna try that one

“As we mark our 50th season, we want to remind families everywhere of the timeless lessons Sesame Street has always taught. Everyone, no matter where they are from, is equally deserving of respect, opportunity, and joy.” Steve Youngwood, President of Media & Education and Chief Operating Officer of Sesame Workshop.

Monty -If you had one wish what would it be? 

Cookie Monster: Dat an easy one. Me wish for a delicious cookie to share with all of me friends on Sesame Street.

Elmo: Elmo really likes the virtual playdates with Elmo’s friends on Sesame Street but Elmo can’t wait to go back outside to visit Hooper’s Store with Elmo’s Mommy, play with Abby and Rosita, and have a dance party with Big Bird and Snuffy. They make the whole street shake.

Poppy – Can you please give a shout out to all the kids who may be feeling sad or disappointed while they’re staying home.

Cookie Monster: There lot going on right now. Me talk to me mommy about how me feeling and she gives a nice warm hug. And sometimes you just need moment for self. Listen to your favourite song, or watch a favourite show. 

Me also learn that it physical distance, not social distance. Me still get to see me friends and family, but in a whole new way, and me know that you can still see your friends and family, too. 

Stay healthy and me sending you a big, virtual hug – and cookie – through the internety – Cookie Monster

Elmo: You can do a lot of fun things at home. Elmo loves building pillow forts, making obstacle courses, and going on a scavenger hunt with Elmo’s Mommy and Daddy.

Elmo is sending you a big hello and hopes Elmo can see all of you very soon. 



This 50th season will launch in Australia on ABC Kids on Wednesday 15th July at 9.30am and will also be available on ABC iview and the ABC Kids app.

Sesame Street content continues to be available via ABC Kids each weekday morning at 9.30am. The episodes are also available any time on ABC iview and the ABC Kids app. 
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